Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whatever's Comfortable (Southern Comfort, 2012)

Well, guys, I'm working in the education degree mines again today-- I've spent the last hour or so carefully making cut-out collages to illustrate the history of myself as a reader and what I would consider to be my "theory of literacy teaching and learning". In spite of an aggressively vague syllabus entry about the project guidelines, I think I'm doing ok...I've been through one gluestick and most of a dozen pages of neon colored copy paper, so we'll see where we go from here!

While I'm slaving over my school assignments, I was wondering if you had seen this commercial yet (warning: shirtless, bellied European man on display thoughout):

The recent vogue of "way-out-there" commercials (hitting a high point with Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" tv spots, and a possible nadir with those senselessly outrĂ© Skittles sheep ads) has produced both marked winners and losers in creative PR; I think this commercial is one of the very best I've seen. For once, the TONE is perfect-- had the confidence-personified protagonist faltered for a minute (or done anything crass like spitting or scratching an armpit, or oggling a bikini-clad minor), the whole idea of the commercial would have been different. What I love about it is that mid-seventies', Franco Nero in poor shape swagger. Is he worried about his hair? His loafers and tiny trunks? The observing eye of thinner, younger people on the same beach? No, no, and no! The little dog joining him in his triumphant, masculine march across the sand, and his san souci reaction to running into "cool looking" people, just slay me. Long live this guy! The little flag in the drink in the last five seconds is kind of lame, but I forgive it for the inclusion of the PITCH PERFECT inclusion of Odetta's "Hit or Miss" as the sole soundtrack. Annnnd...lemme run out and get that record, stat.

What do you think? Are you inspired or a little repelled by the oily self-assurance of my commerical man? Have you seen any truly great, off-the-wall tv advertisements lately? What did you think?

Have a great Wednesday, and I'll see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. That's so well done! I hadn't seen this long version with the dog and it really had me giggling. I think he's got pretty good swagger, that guy.



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