Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 (Adam Ant and Joan Crawford)

Good morning! Can you guess who these two glamourites are?

Halloween is smack dab in the middle of the week this year, which makes it awkward for we responsible types in our late twenties' to even go out (on a Wednesday?! A school night?! [what have I become]). On our favorite holiday of the year! Egregious amounts of schoolwork made me lose heart in my ability to get down in a grave manner as in years past. However! We did get our ya-ya's out this weekend at a really neat party in the Nolensville Rd area. Friends Kate and Trey always go all out for their Halloween celebrations, and for their first year in their new house, we were excited to see what tricks and treats were up their sleeves. You know it's a good party when you're driving down the people's street trying to find it, go "Please, please, please let it be the one with the spooky strobe light in the front yard!"....and it actually is!

The above picture was taken by the host's brother and one of Matthew's good friends, Chad-- he took them on a modified vintage Polaroid Land Camera and then photographed the results with a digital camera. Modern meets analog! I really think this is one of the best pictures ever taken of my Bab and me!

But what are we, you ask? The completely obvious pairing of eighties' new wave rocker Adam Ant, and sixties' era Joan Crawford! Naturally. I know they didn't hang out, but they obviously should have. 

Like ships in the night...
My costume was primarily that black sequin dress you guys might remember from a few months ago, black elbow length gloves I've had since high school, some high wattage rhinestone costume jewelry from my collection, and the black fur cape from the estate sale mixup with Eartha and Rae (which has honestly become my new favorite article of clothing). Add eyebrow pencil, towering beehive with fake bangs (I just Victory rolled my own hair and pinned it), and a wire hanger, and you get this:

I buy you beautiful dresses, and you treat them like they were some dishrag! You do! Three hundred dollar dress on a wire hanger!

Luckily, my hair on the actual night of the party (above) was much less Bieber-esque than from the test run I did in the kitchen with the hanger (the triptych above....though my makeup might have been better), and we had a great time. My one regret is that I forgot to take more shots of Bab's costume! Here's a full length shot of the jacket and pants:

The jacket started out life as a woman's collarless blue blazer, to which I added tons of braid and gold ribbon. The sleeves, which was the hardest part and naturally the part you can't see in this picture, featured swirled loops of gold braiding just like on a real officer's jacket. Matthew looked very, very cute. Closeup, he had on a little under-eyeliner, some pink lipgloss, a white stripe across his face, and I even cut a braid off my Cleopatra wig (I didn't ever get enough of the costume done to run with it!) and pinned it into his hair for a convincing rattail (see the professional photo at the top of this post).

On Sunday, we carved pumpkins at Matthew's mom Deb's house and ate ridiculously good jalapeno cornbread muffins (made by Deb) and turkey chili (made by her adorable Polish ESL student, Ula, who, with her equally adorable husband Conrad, came to carve pumpkins as well). Here's our pumpkins!

The art deco one on the left is mine, and the cutie, happy one on the right is Matthew's.

If something good comes up tonight, we may try and don we now our gay apparel again, but I'm pretty happy with the Halloween festivities we did manage to squeeze in this year!

Are you going or have you gone as anything this year? What's your favorite Halloween related activity? Have a best costume ever for this year or years past? Do tell!

Have a Happy Halloween, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!


  1. Oh wow! You two look GREAT! I love the montage with the wire hanger. : ) That first portrait of you guys is totally mantel material. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks! I wish I coulda done something fancy with the wire hanger montage where you could have seen my senselessly mobile face emoting (have you seen people's animated instagram pictures lately? I love them) but I don't have the technology. Happy (belated) Halloween!

  2. You guys look awesome! And that first picture is actually really lovely, which seems strange to say for Halloween costumes!

    1. I know! We were floored. There was one taken before that and it was ok...I asked Chad, the photographer, to please tell us exactly where to stand so we would look good. I think he did! :)

  3. Didya carry the Smirnoff? Didya DRINK the Smirnoff? You look great!

  4. you guys look great! that top photo is one i would like to see in the paper as a wedding announcement or something! that dress really was meant to be yours! i'm so happy you got it, and that fur cap!

  5. oh my god! I met you...or saw you I think. I was at Chad and Trey's party! I remember my boyfriend (dressed as walter white from breaking bad) was floored by the Adam Ant costume. Crazy!



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