About Me

I'm a twenty-eight year old library program assistant in Nashville, Tenn. Same birthday as Alfred Hitchcock, Annie Oakley and Fidel Castro (what a quartet we'd make!).  I taught high school for three years before retreating to the solitude of a metropolitan area's non-fiction collection and the accompanying reference desks. If you need books on a) historical taxidermy, b) Elmore James, c) Kosher cooking, or d) the Lost City of Z, I am your girl.

I love Joan Crawford, giallo horror movies, F Scott Fitzgerald, Esquire magazine in the 70's, Ronnie Ronnette's beauty regimen, French new wave movies, estate sales, Dateline MSNBC, costume jewelry, the "Eat This Not That" book series, rhumba music, old lamps, nipped waist dresses, David Bowie, kettle corn, singing heavy-duty karaoke in front of a large crowd, and above all else hanging out and crackin' UP with my best friend (and now husband!), Matthew. You can check out his neo new wave band here. You'll be glad you did!

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