Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dispatch From New Job (1953 Leather Upholstery)

Well, how's tricks, kids? Long time no see!

I've been almost a week at my new gig, and I'm liking it very much so far! I'm working in approvals for academic titles at a publishing distributor (read: bibliophile HEAVEN), which so far is a lot of reading titles and author bios and skimming books to see what university would want what book and why. At least that's what I'll be doing when I get a handle on things-- at the moment, I'm asking a lot of questions and sitting through a lot of training and HOPING to do something like that with some degree of facility at the end of it all. What strikes me the most is how similar it is to my first week of college, yea those eleven years ago-- lots of trying to impress upon people how capable/smart/useful you are when you're feeling anything but! I started at the same time as two other fellows, and the entire division is relatively new, so it's not so bad as far as having to ask questions constantly. And Lord knows I've been enjoying getting to work with books up close and personal! Other items on the radar, next week, I turn 29, and the week after that, Bub and I are off to La France (Je ne plaisante pas!) sounds like I'm making things up. "AND I won the lottery...AND I was voted president of Mars..." But it's really true! I've been having to pinch myself lately for how thankful I am about the way things are shaking out. Keep a good thought for me that someone doesn't come and explain the Alan Funt nature of these recent occurrences to me. :)

I've got to get back to business, but I've missed talking kitsch to you all, though! Have you found anything good out at the sales lately? Seen any amazing feats of vintage wonder? How are things in your neck of the woods? I can't stay and chat but I thought I would leave you with this 1953 two-page ad from (you guessed it) House and Garden magazine on the wonders of leather upholstery. If you ask me, it looks pretty wonderful. Let me know what you think of them if you're still out there!

Have a great Thursday! I hope to talk to you soon!







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