Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday: Diamond Jim's Nevada Club Edition

Good morning!

Doing my regular Doris and Ray rounds, I ran across these four photos from a Las Vegas gambling establishment called "Diamond Jim's Nevada Club", taken in the wild, as Doris and Ray vacationed with Ruth and her husband Robert. That's a lot of R's for one group, but there you go. I love on-the-spot professional photography like this because there's no time to go "Ugh, why was I wincing like that? Do I always look like that? Take one more where I look human", because you don't get to see the finished product until you pass the photo-man's kiosk and claim your souvenir. Which is probably why these photos look so weird and solemn! There would definitely be retakes if any of this was digital.

Doris actually fairs the best out of the lot:

At first, being used to touch screen casino machines, I thought she was actually gambling when this picture was taken, but as you see the arm lever to the right, turns out she's just placing her hand on the wheel for some weird reason as the picture was snapped. I like her crazy-paisley blouse and her hair and the expression like "Whaaa...?" Even better than that though, check out the wood paneling in the gambling room and the chips attendant in the background, who probably doesn't even realize she's inadvertently in many people's souvenir scrapbook of their trip to Vegas.

Now, look at Robert:

Does he not look like he's waiting for you to say ONE MORE thing so he can clock you? I think it's the buttoned-up-to-there polo combined with the Clint Eastwood hair cut and sunglasses indoors, but he looks tough as nails! Also, notice that the blonde in back of him, next to the big wheel, looks like she is not wearing a shirt. I think the sepia tone drowns out a lot of background detail and she is, probably, in all fairness clothed, but it made me do a double take!

Did he cheer up any later? Nope.

Here Ruth joins him, holding a cigarette in two fingers and waiting to strike it big at the one-armed-bandit in front of her. A kindly, W.C. Fields type looks over her shoulder. I was so surprised Ray didn't get his picture taken! I looked and looked through the rest of the album for his moment in the impromptu spotlight, but was disappointed when none was to be found. Ah, well. Here's Ruth by herself, again, looking just solemn. Are you guys not taking advantage of the free drinks? Let's get this party started already!

The Nevada Club is actually one of the oldest licensced clubs on the strip, opening in 1932. The club was only known as "Diamond Jim's" from 1962-1969, and it closed in 1969, so these photos are from somewhere in that time frame. You can see more postcards/chips/memorabilia from the casino here. If you're jealous of my photos, you can buy one of your own on ebay! Look, these are all available right now:

1960s Las Vegas Diamond Jim's Nevada Club Real Photo

NV, Las Vegas, Nevada, RPPC, Diamond Jims Nevada Club Slot Machines

Vintage RPPC Diamond Jim's Nevada Club

Have you ever taken home one of these souvenir photos of yourself or do you have any in the family scrapbook? Are subjects required to be so weirdly stoic in these kinds of pictures?

Four more hours and I'm outta work and off to the races...more like estate sales...on this gloomy Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on the other side!

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