Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Friday: Just Kids Edition

Good afternoon! It's Friday and you know that means two things-- I'm super late with a post because I was at estate sales, and I've got more vintage photos for your viewing pleasure. Let's focus on the latter half of that sentence, because these are some real cuties.

 Though a lot of the Doris and Ray photo archives focus on the post Doris-and-Ray getting married era of Doris's life, there's one large scrapbook with the familiar black construction paper pages of a pre-sticky with clear plastic albums era. I had to kind of carefully wrangle with the HP to get the pages in without crinkling or damaging the originals, but then a lot of the photos were blurry to begin with, so we're working with raw stock here, folks. What makes up for the quality is definitely the subject matter-- almost all of the album is from the mid to late 1940's, and most of the pictures are of Doris's son, Sonny, and his cousins, Ruth's children. Take a look:

Look how sharp the boy at left looks in his best white flannels, a white button up shirt, and a black tie, doing his best Benny Goodman impersonation! I was always disappointed that I had to take up flute (all apologies to Ian Anderson, but come on) as my dad's all-consuming love of big bands made me aware at an early age of the magic of the clarinet, or the trombone, or (instrument of instruments, and what he played in high school) the trumpet. The little looker on the right is dressed in my favorite of 1940's children's clothing, "little tiny versions of clothes your grand-dad would wear". Sharp as a tack! Notice the to-the-shoulder collar span, highwaisted pants, beanie, and cardigan. I could die. I think these were both taken in front of Ruth's house in Georgia, so they're probably Ruth's boys.

Here, Sonny takes main stage, in a big way:

Yes, he is wearing what appears to be a butterfly costume at left, but let's disregard the questionability of the costume in terms of whether-or-not-he'll-be-teased-at-school-for-being-a-butterfly with how cute vintage children's costumes were. Do you need a vinyl print reproduction of the exact pattern of a Monarch butterfly? Heck no! Paint some spots and stripes on one of our old capes and let's move along! Don't foget to take a moment to ponder the little antennae cap on his head. At right, Sonny stands, bashfully, in front of A REALLY COOL PLANE. Tip for time traveling photographers of a bygone era-- add cars, planes, and other modes of transportation to the list of things that look cool to stand in front of (hotels, bodies of water, and signs were already on there, FYI). I promise they will look much more significant and of interest to future viewers than that rosebush or prize winning hedge in the front yard of which you're so proud.

I think this little girl is Ruth's daughter:

Is she a girl scout? A tiny little WAC? I don't know, but I love it. See her genuine salute and Rita Hayworth worthy hair. I would put her on a recruitment poster in nothing flat! At right, she shows a more maternal side, caring for a baby doll in the exact matching print of her own long-dress outfit. See the little bows in her hair? You're killing me, kid.

These pictures were just as blurry in the original, but here you have some cowboys and a little cowgirl (or possible civilian toddler, female, no affiliation to the cattle herding business) and Sonny cooking a hot plate breakfast in what looks like someone's backyard. The cooking picture reminds me of how cool it would be to cook food at a hotplate on a bar cart next to a table, Benihana's or Trader Vic's style, as your delighted dinner guest gaze upon you. Note to self, buy the long-suffering bab a white serving coat and toque hat for this purpose.

A vintage duck picture? Sure! Why not! Look at his expressionless expression!

Last but not least, a picture-perfect snap of the first day of school. Sonny's the one who looks like a lab assistant in that all white coat and hat get up, the boy next to him is unidentified but towheaded and adorable...I think my favorite features of this photo are the background, however. Do you see the one boy sucking on a popsicle just behind the boy on the left? Or the one kid, a little to the right of him, going "What?". Pigtails up front is similarly uninterested in the fact that a photo is about to be taken that will be seen by complete strangers, seventy years later, with a good amount of amusement. See the girls' tiny, short dresses in the far background as they file into the school building? Adorable.

Well, that's it for this week! Which little kid gets your vote for "Most Personality"? Do you have any pictures of your grandparents or parents that make it hard to believe they were ever that small and yet so grownup? Tell, tell!

See you on the other side! Find great things and I'll talk to you on Monday.

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  1. Love these photos! Why on Earth is Sonny dressed so slick for school?



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