Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekend Finds 2: Do YOU have ESP? Edition

Good morning!

I shortchanged you guys on Monday-- not ONLY did I find those ties at the sales this weekend, but more! Much more! Here are some random keepers from Saturday and Sundays haul:

First, the magazines. On Saturday, I was at a sale out in Crieve Hall where the bottom had just fallen out, rain-wise, moments before we got to the sale. I usually carry two umbrellas, but had one of those "How foolish of me! Two umbrellas! At least one should be inside the house!" moments the week before and we were mono-umbrella'd for an occasion that called for dos. My dad was recovering from a nasty cold, so I told him to forget chivalry and just take the blamed thing so he didn't get sicker. Inside, my sacrifice was not met with much a reward...many items had already moved either earlier that day or the day before, and what was left was just ok. When I came in, heaps of magazines on a ledge in the den were marked down from $1 apiece to 50 cents apiece, and by the time I was ready to leave, a magic marker had amended the  price from four bits to FREE. I skipped the seventies' Good Housekeeping issues and snagged up all the TV Radio Mirror magazines from the late sixties'. Just look at the covers! Jackie Kennedy's stepping out on the town, Lucille Ball is warning wild child Patty Duke to stay away from Desi Jr., and Johnny and June just had a baby! I love it.

 At Great Escape, killing time after our ladies' brunch on Sunday before work, I found THIS:

Oh my goodness! Remember I told you about how much I love that Hulu has reruns of Kreskin on their streaming site? Well, I can now allow my Kreskin fandom to run unchecked and wild with this at-home version of his televised ESP shenanigans. I was so excited at the checkout counter that I think I weirded out the cashier. "This is so cool! I love his tv show, now I'm gonna get to try some of these tricks at home!" Dude [noncomittally] "Who is this guy?" Me: "The Amazing Kreskin! The mentalist! He had a tv show back in the seventies'. He would have guests on his show and guess stuff about their dreams. Barbara Mandrell, Nipsey Russell...Lynn Redgrave...It's goofy but it's a great show." Dude: "Oh, okay. [beat] Do you want a bag?" 

It's scintillating exchanges like this upon which I have built my reputation as a celebrated wit. 

But look at Kreskin up close! Did you know he has formally changed his name from George Joseph Kresge to "The Amazing Kreskin"? No joke! His first name is LEGALLY "The Amazing". Top that, killer.

Matthew and I sat down at the coffee table on Monday and gave our skills at extrasensory perception a go-- the main set up of the game is a lot like the paranormal tests Bill Murray is conducting at the beginning of Ghostbusters-- you have a set of cards, and you try and "transmit" the answer to your partner. The previous owners, obviously some middle school age kids in the seventies', were not much more mystically perceptive than us! I got four out of I think thirty cards right, and Matthew got two. I was allowed to gloat about how I was twice as psychic as him for the rest of the night. There are some other games with a pendulum and a Ouija type set up, which you can see in much better detail on other sites here and here. I know it's probably a bunch of hooey, but much like the one time I bought a lottery ticket and was positive I was going to win, the hopeful beating of my little heart while I was playing this game speaks to how exciting it would have been to find out I'm 100% psychic! Darn that dream.

I found this cardinal themed Couroc tray at Music City Thrift for the princely sum of $2.59. It was a gift to employees of some chi-chi department store at Christmas of 1980 (so reads a faded label on the back above the stamped Couroc of Monterey logo):

He will go nicely with my other Couroc dudes! I hope I have enough to make a wall display some day.

Have you ever seen a vintage blender cover? This was sitting atop a vintage blender at the same estate sale with the ties...could I love it more? I could not. I will put this over my modern blender with pride.

 Last but not least, an Italian velvet wallhanging of some polar bears (as referenced on Monday). I love how clear and lush the colors are on this, and that someone has framed the item so I don't have to figure out how to display it, just where. You can also see a little bit of my dress from last week's finds! Looooove it.

You will be pleased to know that I took a bunch of stuff to Music City Thrift on the same trip as I bought the Couroc tray, so no, we will not have to pitch a tent in the yard and live in it due to my magpie-like tendencies. Anytime I find a couple things, I do try to remove a couple things from the house on the same day-- it's my way of tipping the scales closer to collecting and further away from hoarding.

So! What do you think about these finds? Why am I not psychic (if wishing could only make it so)? Have you watched Kreskin yet (you should!)? How excited are you about the flea market this weekend (DO NOT RAIN, CLOUDS, I AM SERIOUS)? Let's talk!

That's all for today, but I will see you kids back here tomorrow. Take care! Til then.


  1. That blender cover is awesome. I love that it doesn't cover it in a camoflage manner with some kind of animal or doll or something (like those toilet paper poodles), but instead covers it oven mitt style...and then illustrates what's underneath...just in case you have forgotten :)

  2. Well Kimmie has completely stolen my thunder! Hilarious that one would cover a blender only to have a picture of a blender displayed! I love it. And that Kreskin game!!! I see myself invited over in the future for an evening of's that for ESP?!?!!!

  3. No joke, there's something super amazing about the crazy/charming/weird illustrations that accompany anything magic related. I have an old book from the 30's about how to do card tricks that makes the step by step instructions all look like they should be read while wearing a monocle -- and conjuring the devil. ;D

  4. oh I love this quote "tipping the scales closer to collecting and further away from hoarding". Sounds like me too!

  5. Those magazines are such a great find!!

  6. that blender cover! i never knew i needed one until just now!



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