Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Friday: Pinterest Edition

Good morning!

In case you didn't know about it, I am on Pinterest, and am I ever! Back in the dark ages, I used to have folder up on folder of vintage photos that I'd want to save for a later date, unmanaged, all over the place, and taking up tons of space on my hard drive. No more! Now, every time I see something that interests me in the deep waters of Flickriver, I go ahead and pin in the item so I can go back and see it whenever I was on the world wide web! This morning, I found a bunch of photos I liked, but none that particularly told a cohesive story. I thought maybe today I would show you just a random smattering of the kinds of things I like to collect on my Pinterest "(Not My) Family Photos" board!

This stream featured the user's parents throughout the sixties', seventies', and eighties', and I was struck particularly by the mother's sharply v-shaped chin and moon child eyes, highlighted by white eye shadow. She has an unusual kind of strikingness that made her stand out from a bunch of other photos I looked at this morning. I love this set of photobooth shots because you get to see the parents as newlyweds, crammed into one of those curtained little boxes and giving their best "just married" smiles and smooches for the camera.

This one is captioned "Amherst, Mass. c.1967", and doesn't it just look it! I want to BE that little girl in the green tights and the polka dot skirt ensemble. There's a less twee, more organic strain of Wes Anderson's aesthetic running through this photo and I could not love it more if I tried. I love the little kid on the drum, too. "Hey! What about Jerry? Oh, put him on the djembe, let him rock out." The floral gazebo wall paper is also gorgeous.

I couldn't get over this pretty high school girl's knit graphic sweater. IT FEATURES. A BUCKING BRONCO. AND HORSESHOES. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE. Hold on to your hat, cowboy-in-silhouette! Everytime I see something Tasha's done on By Gum By Golly (squirrel cap, anyone?) or Solanah on Vintage Vixen (this one KILLS me), I want to renew my efforts to learn the art of knitting. I am so slow and clumsy with precise, measured activities, though! Maybe I should just raid my piggybank for an Etsy solution.

Doesn't this woman look like a movie star? I want my hair to attain that height in the front while still looking as fresh and natural as it does on this knockout.

How do you like these gals on the beach with one lucky sailor? This is a good reference for what you wear over your little swimming briefs. I'm having trouble thinking of what to wear when we go on our honeymoon, as a major portion of said vacation will be on the beach. I'm not a fan of those sarong-type, wrap-at-the-hip cover ups, but I am also in no way a fan of the way my legs look from the knee up. What to do! I've found a shorty little cover up dress or two, but maybe a cotton skirt like any of these would be another solution!

Last but not least, I want that necklace, those sunglasses, that dress, and this woman's carefree expression as she boats down some 1950's body of water in style.

So! What do you think of these random snaps? If you're a fan of old pictures and these Photo Friday posts, why not follow me on Pinterest, or at least check out my board, "(Not My) Family Photos"? Compulsive e-hoarder that I am, there's a lo-o-o-ot more where these came from. :)

Well, that's all for today! I'll see you kids back here on Monday for more vintage fun. Have a FANtastic weekend. Til then!


  1. Oh my giddy aunt, that woman's hair is absolute perfection!!!!!! How did she do it?!

  2. that last picture is so good! i wish i looked half as glamorous on a boat.

    1. So breezy and beautiful, right? I love the necklace.

  3. Great series of pics today, esp the one with the kids!



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