Monday, April 30, 2012

The Amazing Kreskin

Well, I'm too sick to even keep my head up today, but luckily the library is closed to the public and my job of answering reference questions and the phone is not too demanding (sick days? Who needs sick days?). Will I watch The Amazing Kreskin on Hulu all day? I will. I don't know how I lived twenty six years on this earth without watching what is possibly the goofiest of all goofy 70's television programming. The last episode I watched had Barbara Feldon (Agent 99 from Get Smart) talking about how she writes circus themed poetry, and this one features country music singer Barbara Mandrel (does Kreskin have a rule where only Barbaras can come on his show?). Barbara Mandrel, in a gorgeous, almost Japanese print dress, is about the cutest thing, by the way. I want that hair!! Thank heaven for Hulu!!

Do you secretly (or unsecretly!) love crummy mentalists/magicians/hucksters? I remember, as a kid, watching Sylvia Browne and other "other side" psychics on daytime talk shows with my grandmother, and don't even mention the "psychics" portion of my favorite childhood tv show, Unsolved Mysteries. It! Was! The! Living! End! Hopefully, the healing power of swamis and the seventies will bring me back to life (that, and the shrimp quesadilla I plan on walking across the street for around noon) and I'll be back in fighting shape tomorrow with another installment of Your Power as a Woman.

Til then!


  1. too bad that you're sick, great that you're off work! Hope you get better soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, that was goofy and wonderful and SO seventies! I'd always heard of him but didn't know that he had a show. I must resist the urge to watch more until I get my to-do list done. Thanks for sharing about this! And I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I don't know how much I've ever gotten into magicians, but I will GIVE IT UP for crazy 70's programming! This show is amazing! :D

  4. I LOVE Sylvia Browne! I never tire of her telling people that their deceased relatives are trying to communicate with them through pennies. I would try to contact her to tell her how fond I am of her work, but I'm pretty sure that she already knows.



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