Monday, September 30, 2013

Homeward Bound

Well, people, I lived! 

Thanks to the Blogger app for iPhone, Im currently hen pecking this post out from the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica! I managed to physically restrain myself from blowing money on Dior 999 lipstick in the duty free store (but BARELY) and am now elbow to elbow with the newly minted husband at the gate. We have a six hour layover in Miami (0_o) but after that, our bronzed little selves are on our way back to Music City, USA! We had a wonderful time but I can't say Im not looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!!

Can't wait to tell you all about the wedding and the honeymoon, but for now, here's a little "proof of life" from the airport. :) Tune in soon for all the news that's fit to print! Til then.



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