Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antique Clothing on ShopGoodwill.com (1900's to 1930's)

Good morning!

I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend! And boy, what a Tuesday morning eye-candy parade I have for you today. I mean snakes alive, you won't believe what I found online while perusing ShopGoodwill.com this past weekend.

Preamble: My friend Amy at work has got me back on the internet looking at bargains on my favorite thrift store's online presence, and wow! The things I stumbled across. Most exciting? An Ohio Goodwill is just LOUSY with gorgeous, gorgeous antique clothing. While the eras represented in this treasure trove stretch all the way into the Kennedy presidency,  I was most dumbfounded by the earlier 20th century pieces. Need twenty pairs of 1920's tap pants, a la Alice Faye, in Easter egg pastels? How about a modern size 9.5 pair of thirties' platform shoes?

I saved some of the photos of these clothes for posterity along with their Goodwill descriptions. 

Wanna take a look?

1) The "People Were Smaller Back Then" Dress:
Mid 1800's 2 Pc. Mourning Dress
Gorgeous Very tiny, Jacket will no close on the doll, it has a much smaller waist than 24" waist, bust is approx. 24-25" skirt is large maybe over bustle style, very fragile, skirt has tears in the lace, the top has a few small tears, and places where the color has faded and is very light, smells of smoke, SOLD AS IS. 
I really can't fathom what happened with all these clothes. At my Goodwill, you're lucky to find something earlier than 1980, and here we have looking at us a dress from EIGHTEEN eighty, just as tiny and ornate as you could ask. How do you like that ravenwing sheen to the satin? And all the embroidery on the back? Amy and I conjectured that maybe these clothes were found in an old trunk in someone's attic? The sheer fact that ALL of them are more than 80 years young makes me think that they probably came from the same donation, but who in their right mind wouldn't even try to sell this on Craiglist? Bully for Goodwill Industries, but still! It makes you wonder. PS, do you love or do you LOVE the almost negatively wary tone of the item description? "Smells of smoke"....again, where were these things?

2) The "Miss Zelda Sayre of Montgomery, Ala." dress:
1920's Gorgeous Flapper Dress Applique
 Peach organza with pink satin flowers trimmed with fake pearls, I see NO major damage, although it does smell and needs cleaned, side snaps, no holes or tears, this has NO slip, approx. 28" bust, 25" waist. SOLD AS IS. 
I just about had a heart attack when I saw this one. Yeeks! That pale peach organza! The appliqued, pearl-trimmed flowers! This looks like exactly the thing a Southern belle like Zelda would have worn to drink gin out of a beau's hip flask and go to a sultry, summer supper dance in. I could actually keel over about how much I wish I had something like this, though the moth-like delicacy of the material due to its age would probably make it better for display than wear.

3) The "These Are My Dancing Shoes" shoe lot:
3 Pair of 1920's Shoes
great vintage shoes, all 3 are approx. size 5, brown leather ones are very nice, really clean, black gross grain and silver shoes have normal age wear. 
Can't you just see a twenties' gal learning the Charleston in these shoes? Maybe the silver ones were worn with the peach dress, you never know! I was reminded of Joanie in Dancing Lady with Clark Gable when I saw these heels, and thought how much more difficult it must have been to fly across a sound stage in 'em! Here's JC, CG, and Fred Astaire to boot, in the very scene I was thinking of (isn't our modern age marvelous?)


4) The "Blame It On My Wild Heart" Victorian Boots:
Victorian Dove Grey Boots NICE!!
These are beautiful, really small, like a size 3? they have minor wear, marked Keen_Kicks. They are suede.
I know these are the kinds of things seventies' thrift and junk store habitués are always talking about "used" to be everywhere, but I assure you, I have never seen a pair of these outside of an antique store setting and inside of a hundred smackers IN my life. Look what good condition these are in! Now, if you have a size three foot (or are possibly a child), these are the boots for you! Just waiting to be worn under a swirling white chiffon layered skirt, à la Stevie.

5) The "Katharine Hepburn in on-screen 30's evening wear" dress:
1930's Crepe Silk Dress Heavy Decoration
This is 2 thread weave, purple and blue, silk lined, has metal stud decorations and belt, small mount of normal dirt and wear, fading. Needs to be dry cleaned, smells of smoke. side Zipper, very tight fitting. 24" waist, 13" shoulder to shoulder, 8", sleeves, 34" bust, 53" long. SOLD AS IS. 
I think it's neat that the belt comes off of this for a quick change, if you need it. Doesn't this dress look amazing ON THE DRESS FORM, just think of what it would look on a living, breathing girl! (Like me! Like me! Like me!)

6) The "Flapadoodle" twenties' dress:
3PC 1920's Crepe Dress Slip and Top 
 Silk crepe, very thing and fragile, smells musty and dirt, has a stain on the dress, looks to be discolored somewhat, it appears to be missing a belt at the top and bottom, heavy pleated bottom skirt, really cute! 20" shoulder to shoulder, 22" under the arms, 36" at waist, ALL SIZES ARE APPROX. SOLD AS IS. 
Can you just see this on a wisp of a twenties' girl, cloche hat clamped way down low over her brow and stockings rolled under her knees?

7) The "Red Sails at Morning" tunic dress
Epic 1920's Red Beaded Flapper Dress
Just amazing, heavy glass cut glass beads all over, this has some wear and tear some damage to the straps, this has two "necklace straps" some missing beads, has some dirt, needs TLC, Under is approx. 40" wide. This is straight cut across the chest, smells of smoke, SOLD AS IS. 
The stunning coral color is what really kills me about this dress. All these twenties' dresses remind me of the "Great Estate Sale Ripoff of 2013" (I mustn't speak of it...the wound is still fresh!). Of course I've seen vivid little numbers like this in museums, but to see the real deal up close and for sale!

8) The "Greta Garbo jilting John Gilbert" dress: 
Exceptional 1920's Black Velvet Lace Dress
SO CUTE!!! Ruffled, this is in wonderful condition, no rips or tears, it does smell and need to be cleaned. Back has built in looking "belt" the collar is beige lace, approx. 30" bust, 25" waist. Sleeves button, SOLD AS IS. 

9) The "Living in Sin" tap pants and bra set:
1920's Tap Pant and Bra 
this is really cute, appears to be hand made but has a tag in it stating 36, it is smaller than that, approx. 34-35" with A cup, 28" tap pant, need cleaned. Ribbons show wear. 
10) The "Wile E. Coyote, is that YOU!?" fox stole:
Full Fox Stole
 This is the entire fox, legs, tail face and all, great shape 49" by 7" normal age wear. 
This thing was kind of cool, up until I saw its eyes. ITS EYES. What! That poor little stole looks so goofy!

Some of these auctions have already ended since last week, but some are still alive and kickin! Check them out yourself if you're looking to pick up a little piece of history to take home.

So! Which of these are your favorite? What do you think the story is behind a half-century's worth of wardrobe ending up at the Goodwill online auction site? Have you found an intact, amazing score like this in your thrift/antique/estate sale rounds? What's the oldest piece of clothing in your vintage collection? Let's talk!

That's all for today, but I'll see you kids back here tomorrow. Til then!


  1. Wow!! I think the blue crepe dress with the embellishments is my favorite. The coyote? Least favorite. Poor guy. Those eyes. THOSE EYES.

    1. Yeah, that coyote...NO. That blue dress went for $147! I hope whoever got it loves it as much as we did just looking at it!

  2. Yeah, you don't find any of this stuff at your local GW because they pull it, spend LOADS of money to ship it to a central location, spend MORE money (that won't go to the 'charity' work they promote) to pay people to do the listings, and then usually get around the same amount of money (often less than) they could have asked at the brick and mortar the things were donated to in the first place. All while losing the customer base who used to shop them for the 'pickins'. Can you tell I hate GW and this practice?
    I like the Kat Heppy dress....and the two flaptastics. Pretty pretty! And the shoes. Oh my god, the shoes.

    1. That does seem kind of counter-intuitive, when the whole idea is to make as much money as possible to help people find jobs. :( The one flapper dress, the grey one, went for only $38! Still, the "smoke smell" and the harsh wording of the listings made me wary of bidding. Oh well! Must keep eyes peeled for future deals.

  3. I too have lost way too much time on goodwill online. One day I found an elvis bust that I was milliseconds away from making mine for the sheer reason that an entire episode of Saved By the Bell had revolved around an Elvis Bust and I thought I needed one for posterity...so I could have a kinship with Screech Powers. Also, that 20s pink flapper dress is gonna live in my dreams forever. It is perfection.

    1. Haha, I bet that Elvis bust was choice! And I am a huge fan of that pink dress. It sold for $123!

  4. What the heck??? Who is donating this stuff to Goodwill?? Those fox eyes are killing me!

    1. My thoughts exactly! They can direct future donations straight to ME! And the fox eyes...ugh, who even knows...why!

  5. Seriously!? I can't even COPE with this!!! I just... *dumbfounded*




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