Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning!

We made it, we made it, we made it! Finally! A paid federal holiday. I'm so pleased, folks! The downtown branch is closed to the public on Mondays...a workaday usually consists of a long doldrum of reference phone calls and an empty building. I've run into people unexpectedly in the non fiction stacks and actually let out a fifties' horror comic book's "YEEEAGH!" of an exclamation from honest surprise. However! Any day in which I am able to wake up at my own leisure is AN AMAZING. DAY. Poor Matthew's stuck at work today, but makes time and a half, so I will keep a good thought the thronging hordes of holiday consumers go easy on my tiny guy.


Things I need to do today:

  • Finish decorating wedding arbor-type thing (hint: there are many, many paper flowers involved)
  • Make lentil sloppy joes (which may or may not go over like a lead balloon at my parents' house for Labor day lunch, but it's worth a shot)
  • RE-LAX (possibly in the form of trying to finish one of the library books on my coffeetable? Read the latest Esquire cover to cover? There's a world of possibilities).
This pretty much covers what I would like this day to look like:

Go tell it on the mountain, little flying monkey martini enthusiast. source
I'll tell you more about my weekend and some neat weekend finds tomorrow! What do you plan on doing for the holiday? Are you willing to brave the outside world for slashed holiday prices, or are you laying low like me and the flying monkey? Advice on how I can manage not to panic NINETEEN DAYS til the wedding? Shoot, folks! I'd love to hear about it.

I hope you have a fantastic Monday, and we'll talk tomorrow! Til then.


  1. oh my god! Te wedding is so close!!!

    1. And even closer now! I'm gonna make it somehow, though!! :)

  2. i can't believe your wedding is only 19 days away!
    i had to work today, which is a bummer. we did inventory from 8 on sunday night to 4 am, then i had to be back at work at 2. uggggghh.

    1. That ain't right! It's Labor day! You should be exempt from labor! I hope you got some extra days off or at least time and half for your trouble, though.

      I can't believe it either, now we're only 12 days out! 0_o



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