Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Coat of my Dreams! (and a Heartbreak of a Chair)

Good morning!

Well, there's good news and bad news about the things I got at the estate sale I mentioned yesterday!

The Good News:

Could you beeee....the most fabulous coat in the worrrrld....?

As Sus and I were bounding through the house we talked about yesterday, I was all kinds of excited to see a closet full of clothes. Sadly, none of them were really my style-- lots of gemstone studded suede and puffy, oversized windbreakers. But lo, as I rifled through the racks, I came across this...this coat. I don't even know what to say. Full length coyote fur coat? YES, YES, YES?

This wasn't even something I knew I wanted until I saw it. Sus and I looked it all over for a price tag, because any of you estate sale going people know that furs, as outmoded or ragtag a condition as they may be, are ALWAYS in the $50-$100 range. Sometimes more! There  was a handwritten sign that said "Dresses- $5, Coats- $10"...but certainly not this coat, right? I took the fur up to the checkout desk with little hope that I was going to get it for the stated $10 price, but never say never folks! That's how much it was!

The label inside is from Rich Schwartz, which was an "upscale women's clothing store" in Nashville. I'm guessing this coat is from the eighties', but it could be as late as the early nineties', as I think that business was still around until then. In the pocket, there were two ticket stubs to 1990's The Godfather III (at least the woman that wore it was well dressed for the occasion!). As I was checking out, the woman running the sale, a stylish woman herself, mentioned that she used to model for that clothing store back in the fifties', and what a good deal it was to get a full length fur coat for ten bucks. I agree! LORD, do I agree! I'm sorry it's going to have to wait until winter, but that won't stop me from traipsing about the house in it. Doesn't it look like something one of Keith Richards's girlfriends would have worn, with a big black hat, in the South of France?

The Bad News:

I bought this chair. Why did I buy this chair!

I pulled the trigger on this in the first five minutes of the sale, thinking I had the perfect place to put it. Well, dad-durn it, the place I was thinking of was actually much larger in my head than it is in reality, and this chair has become a gorgeous albatross around my neck. I've listed it on Craigslist, but only had one person interested in it so far (who decided it was too big...dang, dang!). Live in Nashville, need a FABULOUS green brocade raised print flawless sitting chair and have $35 burning a hole in your pocket? LET A GIRL KNOW. I wish I could keep it but I think if I can't find anybody to buy it before next week, I'm just going to have to send it off somewhere. Pack your bags, green chair! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here! :(

In the meantime, I'm trying to get used to seeing it without feeling crushed all over again that it won't fit into the scheme of the room. Here's me on Saturday of this week, masking my heartache:

Well, enough about me-- what did you guys find at the estate sales this weekend? Have anything truly knock your socks off? Feel heartbroken about anything? Let's talk!

That's all for this morning. See you kids back here tomorrow!


  1. That coat is so you! Fabulous! I love it. As for things that are green and won't fit in my house...there is a Chambers stove that I found at an estate sale that wasn't for sale (RUDE.) that will never be mine and now it haunts me. Apparently there is no way I can have a 40" stove in my kitchen without getting rid of the dishwasher, which I can't do because of the resale. Even though I never use a dishwasher. Ah, sad estate sale tragedies...

    1. I SAW IT ON YOUR BLOG AFTER I SAW THIS COMMENT. Oh! Oh, Lauren! How could they not sell you that stove? You were meant to be with that stove!! :( I hope another comes your way soon. Run an extension cord and use it in the living room when you find your dream of a 40'' stove, heck! It'd be worth the weird looks to share a house with that pretty piece of machinery! :)

  2. Better to have too oft pulled the trigger than to have never pulled the trigger at all - as the saying goes. Never fear, some lucky so-and-so will find and love that chair. Great coat!!!

    1. HAHA, I love your aphorism about pulling the trigger. I am going to use that as my defense this weekend when I hit the flea market (!!) and need a defense, haha. The people who got it sounded nice (Matthew did the drop off, as he's my "fence" in these situations), so I'm glad it got bought! And the coat....I am so afraid of getting a bucket of paint thrown on me, but it is GLAMOUR. PERSONIFIED. I feel like a movie star in it!

  3. I swear I'll get to the P.O. with Norma soon, but...fact is..I'm flying to San Diego to see Baby Boy graduate from Marine Corp boot camp Thursday. This subject has obsessed me completely, and I have viewed the video they made of all of the Baby Boys looking tough many, many times.
    Put the chair in your bedroom and throw the coyote over it. Sit upon it and pull on (or off) your high heels. Squeeze it in somehow.

    1. Oh, don't worry about it, Mrs. Leapheart! I bet you are so proud of your Marine, that's wonderful news he and his tough crew are graduating boot camp! My grandad was a Marine in WWII and Korea (and has a strange, blurred by age tattoo on his bicep to prove it) and they're no joke, the best there is. I will keep a good thought for both him and his mama on graduation day. :)

      I sold the chair, but nothing doin' on the coyote! I could live in that thing. SO CHIC!

  4. So sad about the chair! All of us vintage lovin' fools have been there at one time or another, that's for darn sure. "I can squeeze it in the corner..." And then it seems to have grown 36 inches by the time you get it home. Sigh. Ah well, you look very glam in your fur and that will take up much less space!

    1. Ain't it a shame! But it was a valuable lesson-- look first then leap! No pre-leaping on first day estate sale stuff that isn't a sure thing! And I still have the coat to be happy about from that sale, so it does work out! I'm going to the flea market this weekend and am going to try to stick to my "NO FURNITURE" rule, but I can't promise anything! :)



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