Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Friday: Before I was Born Edition

Good morning! It's Friday, and that can mean but one thing-- time to rustle through other people's family photos! Super quick post today as I'm out the door to do a couple things...but while we can... come take a look!

The user set "Before I was Born" features a set of photos taken between 1968-1969, when the user's parents were dating but not yet married and responsible for (OH MY GOD, UNBELIVEABLY ADORABLE) children. What I love about these photos is how "off the cuff" all the pictures look. Someone (the dad? the grandad?) must have been quite the shutterbug, because there are photos and photos of what seems to be the same two-month period!

Here's the mom, who is adorably coiffed and dressed in this casual, late sixties' things-I-want-to-wear. While not as dressy as our late forties' and fifties' women, these outfits STILL look like "you're getting ready to go somewhere" compared to today's denim-casual. How about that coat hanging on the back of the door?

This is the kitchen at the dad's mother and father's house. Are they just about to say grace? Note the anniversary plate on the far wall, the 1920's china cabinet, and the green rug over the linoleum. All the details!

Here's a non-blurry picture of the mom, who looks a lot like Natalie Wood! The drapes behind her are the same material as the upholstery of the couch-- that's dedication to carrying out a fabric theme!

The couple snuggled up in an arm chair. Did you notice everyone's wearing slippers or socks inside the house? If I ever get carpet in the house, I am instituting this rule but quick! My grandma had one from that same genre of "old covered bridge" paintings you see here in her living room when I was a kid.

Scrabble is a big game in this house, as they're seen playing it on more than one occasion in this set! Isn't the mom just adorable? A game of Scrabble when my parents were dating in the late seventies' at my grandparents' house almost ended their marriage before it started. My dad played the word "J-O-K-E-R", with a triple letter score on J (24 pts, plus 8 for the rest of the word) and triple word score overall  (NINETY SIX POINTS). My mom's family is SUPER competitive on these kind of games (in a healthy but bordering on unhealthy way?) so he's lucky he left with his young life that night. Just thinking about the win on that word makes me want to play the game right now!

Aren't they just CUTE together? I love the guy's simple fraternity shirt and the pullapart record player with speakers there on the ground. I'm glad they ended up starting a family together!

There's way more photos on the son's flickr page, all the way up through this month! So check it out if you get a chance, they're incredibly photogenic people. :)

Do you have any stories of your parents dating that are particularly hilarious? Photos of your mom and dad in courtship at one or the other's house? Which one of these pictures of the couple do you think is the best? Do tell!

I gotta scat, kids! Have a great weekend though, and I'll see you on the other side. Til then!


  1. The pants and the sweater she's wearing are adorable!

  2. I just went to Flickr and looked at all the pics - what great retro views!!

    1. Right? And those children they had, and those children's children, are freaking ADORABLE. Great genes!

  3. Replies
    1. I know, right? She's a dead ringer for Natalie Wood.



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