Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday: Small Frys Edition

Good morning!

Matthew had a show last night at the High Watt and LORD AM I BEAT. On six hours sleep, with a nine hour work day, and two hours of evening classes, I managed to make it through his set, the second out of three bands, and an additional ten or fifteen minutes of breaking down the equipment before I was insisting that if I didn't go to sleep in the next thirty minutes, I would have to crawl out of a grave the following morning to make it in to work. Because even in my undead afterlife, I would apparently still feel compelled to go to work.

At any rate! It is nevertheless Photo Friday and what we have for you today are the nieces and nephews of Doris and Ray. With four sisters and I think two brothers, Doris had a lot of little guys besides Sonny running around her house and her relatives' houses in the fifties' and sixties'! Think about what Christmas must have been like.

Here, a little baby is bottle fed by Doris on a 1940's-ish print couch with Ray close by. See Doris's mother of pearl or maybe iridescent clear plastic necklace and earring set and her pretty red dress? See Ray's square tie? I'm always perplexed by these matching jewlery sets (though it never stops me from buying them) because most of my dresses are either black or wild print-- it seems like you would need a less "statement" outfit to go with a bold necklace choice. I have practically a drawerful of pieces like ones Doris is wearing and yet the only ones I ever wear are three necklaces of black jet glass beads...I have to amend that situation soon!

Here's Doris's mother with a different grand baby. Doesn't she always look so angular, tiny, and tough in her pictures? There aren't any in the whole archive of her as a young girl or newlywed (unless she's in one of the super old pictures I shared before and I didn't recognize her without her hornrims...but I think these pictures just probably went to another of the sister's), so all the pictures I have to reference Mrs. Alex Haynes are of her grandma period. See the Stay-Puft cushions on the back of the sofa and how LOW the back of it is slung. What's the deal?

More baby. He's so tiny!

In what could be an album cover if you just added some semi automatics (see The Lemonheads' Hate Your Friends...I had this poster but not this album when I was in high school), three little nephews stand in their Sunday best on the front steps of their house. Let's examine. Kids One and Two have matching buzz cuts, red ties, and tie clips. Kid Two has his shirt half untucked and is making a weird "SO WHEN ARE WE GETTING IN THE CAR?" face. Kid Three is what really interests me though...full head of hair and US Army kids outfit. YES! VICTORY! And the hands on the hips. And the red sneakers. He is the coolest of the three.

This family has a thing for matching outfits! Here, two escapees from Christmastown on their brand new trikes. Don't you love peering into the backgrounds of the picture to see what kind of details are lurking behind the subjects of the photos? I love the gift wrapping detritus flotsamming around the floor to the right, and the metronome on the piano (someone was taking lessons!).

Last but not least, this little bean man is wearing a PRETTY cool Mondrian influence jumper (ahead of the curve!), wieling what may be a tennis racket (...?), and standing just feet away from both a turquoise toy jeep and a GREAT tv. Did we mention the indoor cactus, paneled room, green carpet, and fireplace? Junior, put down that raquet!

Which little tyke do you think is the cutest? Are there any details in the background that you noticed which I may have missed? Do tell!

That's all for the guys have a great weekend, and I'll see you on the other side!


  1. "Escapees from Christmastown" - har! That baby in the front in the walker is killing me. I think the smiling buzz cut boy in the photo of the kids on the step is my favorite. He looks like a silent threat.

    These photos...oh, I'm SO glad that you found them.

  2. Hee the first pic baby is really big! This nurse in a prenatal class told us that bottle fed babies have higher risk of obesity in life. Yikes! I think our whole generation was bottle fed!

    The striped kids is the best photo... They look like they are busting out of toddler prison. And those old walkers are banned now right?! They are in Canada anyway.

  3. i little man with the hands on the hips. and that christmas photo is pretty amazing. such great action!



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