Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post by Matthew: Paint Humor

 Hi everyone!  Its me, Bab!  

You may have noticed my brief appearances and mentions in Lisa's blog!  I am a small man who like to play video games and eat ravioli.  Lisa is super busy today, so she asked if I might make a special guest appearance to comment on some of her pictures.  Naturally I jumped at the chance!  Not very high mind you, because my legs are short and not very flexible.  I am built like a Welsh Corgi.  Anyhoo, Lisa and I have a very particular shared sense of humor, and Lisa's artwork provides a window into our bizarre inner world.

Let's begin with the most recent.  This picture, which I will call "Lizard Office" provides a visual interpretation of what Lisa and I discussed before going to work this morning.  We were joking about a little office building populated by lizards (one of our favorite creatures) and bats (one of our other favorite creatures.)  Can't you just feel the office culture?  Look at their stylish little outfits.  Its really the ties that get me.  When I suggested that the bat offices would be oriented upside-down, Lisa admonished that lizards love to be upside down and I shouldn't act like I know.  Also, the office is set up for a medium to small lizard and bat workforce, but the president of the company is a huge monitor lizard, presumably with a bit of a chip on his shoulder from his struggle to "fit in", literally and otherwise.

Ah, there's nothing quite like a Gila massage.  Today's working man should remember to treat himself every now and then!  Those tiny feet are able to provide deep tissue stimulation that really makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on your busy day.
Lisa and I were really into watching Hotel Hell, and when I asked Lisa how she would make her hotel stand out, she naturally responded "Complementary Gila massage."  As per usual, what I enjoyed most were the details which followed, which included the following.
  • You can select hot or cold Gilas.
  • The Gilas can be fed before or after per your request.
  • Hungry Gilas tend to be more active.

Look at their little feet.  Its the feet that do it.  Also, look at the sunglasses on my cutie.

This one was a delightful surprise.  A picture of me eating chips from our favorite getaway, Las Maracas, was put to its best possible use.  Don't I look like I'm having a really great time?  I have a godzilla body, which is rad, and I'm holding a fancy beverage, so you know this party is for true gentlemen.  Also, this picture includes another key element of Lisa's aesthetic, which is a little skeleton guy.  Look at him.  Go hard or go home. 

Well, it's been a delight filling in for my betrothed!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Now keep reading every day!  And comment too!  That's her favorite!

Now its taco time.
Love Always,


  1. You two deserve each other - and I mean that in the most highly complimentary way! : ) Super fun guest post! And I think that I used to work for that huge monitor lizard in the top illustration.

  2. Well, that was a complete, different surprise. I like the neon open sign on the house. Every neiborhood needs at least one! Funny!

  3. I need to make a reservation at Bab Hotel! I'm so excited for my Gila massage!!!

  4. she really has a talent with paint! i kind of like the idea of a gila massage. i watched some nature show once that showed old people in mexico raising hairless dogs to hold on their arthritic joints. because the puppies were really hot? or something. so maybe a gila massage followed by a hot puppy covered nap.



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