Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gossip Columnists Tell All (1973)

Hello, all you out-there-in-the-afternooners...

I had a brilliant post all lined up but I don't have any time to write it now! Trying to cobble together some different historical curricular theories without a textbook, and at the mercy of Google, before 4 pm today is proving to be a little harder than I thought. But while I'm away, why don't you watch this David Suskind Show episode called "Gossip Columnists Tell All", from 1973? Hulu, you're an angel for posting this kind of stuff...


Featuring my beloved, ever snarky Rex Reed (author of 1969's compilation of celebrity interviews Do You Sleep in the Nude? which is a rollicking fun read if ever there was one-- no holds barred! Ava Gardner, drinking away the afternoon in the late sixties'! Barbara Streisand, married to Elliot Gould and LOUD! Sandy Dennis, living with twenty cats and a beard-o husband! Me, loving the witchiness of it all!), as well as additional gossip columnists Joyce Haber, Kandy Stroud, James Brady, and Patrick O'Higgins, this program pretty much sits the five columnists down in a very retro-ly bare studio (you can't exactly imagine Ryan Seacrest in such a dour setting) to hash out interesting topics at the time. "What do you think about blah blah blah?" Suskind poses. Almost in unison, the columnists:"Ohhhhh we hate it!" Rex Reed loves only Candace Bergen (in those pre-Murphy Brown days, she was something else!). I also want to re-adopt the phrase "I wouldn't cross the street to...", because it really does get the message across.

Anyway, watch! Learn! Soak in a little seventies' cattiness! Are there any retro programs on Hulu you can't live without?

If I make it through these classes, I'll see you tomorrow!

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