Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dating Game (late 1960's, early 1970's)

Good morning!

Just a quick note before I'm off to one of the branch libraries to spread the good gospel word about gadget checkouts at the managers' meeting! I helped develop the little FAQ that accompanies staff checkout of items like Kindles and Nooks so that we librarian folk can be a little more tech savvy on ebooks and the such. Imagine, wide-eyed, little old me, explaining staff checkout procedures to a room full of managers! I need to get my courage up to the sticking point, which means the coffee is brewing, and the eyeliner has been drawn on an inch thick. But, won't you miss a Thursday post from She Was a Bird? Not on your life!

I've been watching an inordinate number of celebrity clips from The Dating Game, and I'm telling you, I just had to share.

Steve Martin:

Michael Jackson:

Farrah Fawcett:

Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady):

Barry Williams (Greg Brady):

John Ritter:

Vincent Price:

Andy Kaufman (in character as a prototype of  Latke from Taxi?!):

David Cassidy:

Suzanne Sommers:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Who would you choose to go on a date with to exotic locales like Austria or Polynesia (spoiler alert, mine's Steve)? Do you remember watching this show when it aired? What's your guilty game show pleasure?

Gotta run, see you guys tomorrow for Photo Friday!


  1. I miss The Dating Game! Sooo much fun, that one. I know he's not an option but I'd choose Vincent Price to be my date. And then we could cruise around town in that chauffeured Impala. Dreamy!

  2. Check out the Wikipedia page for the "Newlywed Game" It refers to a notorious episode you may still be able to view on Youtube. Sure, it's vulgar, but worth it to see the unflappable Bob Eubanks flap. He shows every tooth in his head grinning and the audience goes bananas laughing. Go ahead, pollute your brain!

    1. HA HA, I love that Eubanks denied it happened, and then had to go back and admit it was true! Also, his hair. HIS HAIR.

    2. Wh..wha...what ABOUT his hair? Daddy's hair looked like that. Every man worth his 70's salt had overly coifed and fluffed hair.
      I know you have a soft spot for the 70's, but really, things were pretty hideous. I have a pic of me and my brothers all lined up for the (Instamatic) camera. We each wore a shag haircut, a turtleneck and plaid pants. All different plaid patterns, you understand. Now place this mental image against avocado, burnt umber and orange flowered vinyl wallpaper.

  3. Steve Martin is absolutely adorable. How awesome is Vincent Price, though? I'd bet it would be fun to go out with him. Did you notice that the music going into the commercial break when Vincent has to pick a bachelor is from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort? And how weird is Mr. GOP? No wonder those guys were "almuni" bachelors...

    1. Re: Steve: he was only in college at the time! Can you believe that. I agree with you and Eartha, and would most like to go on a date with VP. You know he'd take you out to some fine French restaurant and then some gallery opening-- it's amazing to me that he and Edward G Robinson, both, in their private lives, were kind of aesthetes, art collectors, bon vivants...when I'd think EGR would be living in a gangster hideout somewhere in the mountains and VP in a dungeon-having castle somewhere in Bavaria, they'd really be more at home in an Eames house!



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