Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Friday: Gone Fishin' Edition

Good morning! We made it to Friday again! I never stop being amazed that another week has come and gone-- this one, I won't mind bidding fond adieu to. It's been a mess, people! But, being glad that the freakin' weeken' is almost here, let's celebrate with a particularly long winded dive into the Doris and Ray photo archive. I hit the jackpot as I was combing through the boxes for something good to show you guys!

These Kodachrome prints came from a red vinyl, self-adhesive paged spiral photo album and comprised about ninety percent of the book, chronicling a fishing trip in Florida in May of 1968. Doris and Ray were joined by another couple (not one of Doris's many sisters!), and since, as usual, nothing is labelled, let's put on our sleuthing hats and deduce, deduce, deduce.

First, Doris and Ray meet up at...let's call them the Costners (he really does look like Kevin Costner at first glance in this first picture) house to load up the gear and start the long drive to Panama City. That's eight hours in the car, peeps. Can you believe the SIZE of this trunk? The brown blotch to the left of the trunk is a trilby hat you'll see again on Mr. Costner's head. See the almost-dawn sky in the far right corner of the picture, and how cute the little columns are in the front of the Costner house. I haven't been back down Bresslyn Drive to see if Doris and Ray's house is still there-- like I may have mentioned before, the West Meade neighborhood was and is very tony, so a lot of houses in the area are bought for the shady, green lots and replaced by McMansions in due time. Doris and Ray's house was in pretty bad disrepair, but maybe the new owners kept the structure and just updated it (best case scenario), using the bones of the old house to make the new one. At any rate, the bones of the Costners' house are adorable. So VERY fifties'/sixties'.

Doesn't Doris's hair look great? One of the best parts about all these pictures are the clothes, the clothes, the clothes. I really need to invest in some color pants-- I only have denim or black in that separates collection. If you figure they left around 5 in the morning from Nashville, here they are some ways into their trip-- diner stopover for lunch? See Mr. Costner's undershirt peeking out from his mustard colored sports shirt, and Doris's matching cardigan and pants. I think Mrs. Costner may have a little chiffon scarf in matching pink at her chic!

What did I tell you about bodies of water improving picture quality? Here, it looks like they've made it down to Florida and are having fun with the (dead) wildlife.

What IS this thing? Any amateur marine biologists out there that can shed a little light? Please? Before I have nightmares about fish puffer things slimin' around under my pillow?

Don't they look just like little kids? Ray makes his first appearance (I think he took the majority of photos for this trip, excluding the ones he's in of course), stylish as ever in a cool v-collared shirt. You guys quit horsin' around! Something about middle aged people showing that they still have a sense of fun really touches my heart.

Look at the portraits of Civil War generals over the beds! I bet that and the avocado green color scheme got totally nixed in the very next renovation. That said, that is the very color of my pinch pleat drapes in my bedroom. I admit it freely! You know it wouldn't be a Doris and Ray post without a picture demonstrating their great camaraderie and love for each other. Sheesh. Aren't they sweet?

Show 'em how it's done, Ray!

And good work, Doris! That said, should you guys be fishing right off a bridge like that? Who am I to question you.

Here, Doris and Ray and the Costners head out on a real live fishing boat! If this Panama City beach guide is to be believed, the Ocean Queen (or a namesake of the Ocean Queen?) still sails the coast! This pair of snaps may be my favorite of the bunch. Note to self-- pose with life preserver on next (first?) fishing boat trip.

Doris! Are you double-fisting your drinks here, or holding one  for Ray? I asked you a question, young lady! I love the messy ashtrays (two, one on each side of the table), and the mystery wrapped-in-foil package on the table.

Another postcard-like picture of our favorite couple. Don't they look like they could be in an advertisement?

I think these are shipmates of Doris and Ray? I can't place them in the other photos, but I thought it was funny someone took a picture of them sleeping on deck. It's kind of precious.

The most stylish windbreaker I think I have ever seen. People! Where is this vintage item! How can I get my hands on it!

I told you you would see that trilby in action. Can you believe how festive it is? I can't.

See the sun and the beautiful path of the waves? If it looks this pretty on a faded Kodachrome, imagine what it looked like in real life!

Here's the Ocean Queen fully loaded with its glut of gutted fish. I know compared to "would you believe?" photos that these don't look very big, but dang! I know I've never caught a fish that big!

A close up of the unfortunates. Kind of spooky! I think these are red snappers. Look at me, acting all fish knowledgeable.

I think it's a pretty clever marketing technique to have a big sign with your name and phone number on it behind the vacationers in their souvenir snapshots. It's like you too can experience this fishing success!
Check out Ray's denim fisherman's cap.

Looking like a scene from a Sofia Coppola movie, our intrepid vacationeers venture out onto the beach. And from Ray's towel-clutching in this picture, I feel like there's probably a strong ocean breeze chilling him! How cute is he in his little shorts.

Doris in the same swimsuit from that other trip! When you find one that works, you should hold onto it! I feel like she is also expressing coldness here. Guys! If it's cold, don't get in the water! They make jacuzzis, you know. Your hotel probably has one!

Once again bundling for warmth, poolside at the hotel. CHECK. OUT. THAT. CIRCULAR. DECK CHAIR. I'm in love.

It looks like Mr. Costner has a green version of the brown and white v-neck shirt Ray was wearing earlier. How cute are those pink pants, additionally? I STILL WANT THAT CHAIR, OMG.

"She said whaaaaaat? About whoooooo?"

I found this postcard and the following information about the Escape Restaurant on Card Cow:

Adjoining 60 luxurious units directon on The Gulf of Mexico with a 600 foot private beach, dining room, convention room and lounge, background music, phones, TV and a pool for your enjoyment. 11115 W. Hwy. 98; phones - Motel ADams 4-2588; restaurant ADams 4-3331. The Escape has everything.

I can't tell if the "The Escape has everything" is just a cut-off sentence, or they really meant to end the sentence that way, but I can tell you that they had me at "background music". Arthur Lyman, anyone? Wait, they have the back of the card! It not only ends with the "everything", it's in all caps! I'm double signed up for this one now.

What did I tell you all about horseplay?! Quit tickling her!

Lining up for ice and tackle. Slice-a-life, folks. Slice-a-life.

And last but not least, our sleepy party heartiers are on their way back to sunny Tennessee. Look at the old Coca-Cola sign!

Have you been on any epic vacations this summer? Seen any vintage sights? Tell us all about it!

That's it for this week, but I'll see you all again on Monday. Get great stuff, and meet back here ready to gab about it! :)


  1. Please pretty please can I have friends like Doris and Ray when I grow up? Their photos make them seem like so much fun. Have to say I love the avocado green + Confederate generals décor. It really says "Florida." My great-grandma still has a 60s green (more gold than avocado) shiny quilted coverlet on the bed in her spare bedroom. I was never allowed to get up on that bed because I might "muss it up."

    I'm kinda familiar with West Meade. When I was in Nashville (10 years ago!) we went to the Belle Meade plantation. I had a fun time in Tennessee.

    Yippee it's Friday. Have a great weekend!

  2. Old pics like that are so neat - looks like they were having a high old time!!!

  3. oh i LOVE vintage vacation pictures like this! what a fun time! i love the life preservers too!

  4. I took some of the photos and made a screen shot of them, took them into Photoshop and adjusted the colors so I could see the details more clearly. So. Freakin'. Cool. I love these. They remind me of my family while I was growing up.



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