Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo Friday: Let's Have a Party Edition

Good morning! What I am doing up at 7 in the morning on my day off? ESTATE SALES, DUH. I only have a minute before I have to dash out the door for Springfield, TN and the second day of a Family Tree Estate sale that looks of great say "lots of forties' ephemera!" and I say "How early do you want me to be there?". Did I mention it's going to be 104 degrees at some point in this miserable day? We cannot be deterred!

Before I dash though, here's another Photo Friday with Doris and Ray at their home in West Meade, the site of many a party. Who doesn't love a party! Let's take a look!

Well, it was driving me crazy trying to figure out who all the similarly-featured-to-Doris people were, and it turns out, she and her favorite sister Ruth have three other sisters and two brothers. One of the most helpful things in all this photo sleuthing has been a stack of newspaper cuttings from obituaries Doris kept in one of the boxes-- her father's notice mentioned the seven siblings, as well as the fact that the family hails from Columbia, TN, a small town just outside of Nashville. Well!

I think the woman on the left is one of the other sisters, though I have yet to pinpoint a name.

I have no idea what any of the objects in the sister's lap are, but the gaily perched little party hat, her rose print wiggle dress and bracelet, and the nubbiness of that fifties' couch are wonderful. Do you see Doris's pearls, clip earrings, and charm bracelet?

The details of this picture are what counts-- see the hats, blowers, and children's masks on the table? I see a king, a cowboy, and Indian...see the atomic-legged tv and the TO DIE FOR side chair the girl in plaid is sitting in? See that girl's bow and fringed bangs? See the woman in the right hand corner's impossibly small feet? It's the details, peeps!

I can't figure out, for the life of me, what the theme of this party is. And I lied, this one is obviously at some civic organization or meeting room, not Doris and Ray's house like the others. But how could I miss an opportunity to show you costume party pictures from the fifties'? Didn't think so. Fall ball of some kind, owing to the cornstalks?

What is the dude in the sweatshirt even dressed up as? The world may never know.

More party hats, more partying. Someone needs to tell the woman on the couch at left how to sit like Grace Kelly, legs to one side and together! I'm more than a little in love with Ray's crazy tie and striped blazer. I wonder what colors all these clothes were in real life. 

If there's a picture of Ray, and Doris is in it, this is usually the look he's giving her. SO. SWEET.

The progression between the two photos above and below is adorable to me. "Uncle Ray, how does this work?" "Well, let's looks like you take this one side...and then you kind of twist the end..." Don't the children's clothes and expressions look so grown up? On second thought, he may be opening his own presents from the stack on the table. Do you see the human figure on the candle in the background?

By her expression, the sister from the first set is not pleased that the night has ended in silly streamers. Alls well that ends well, sis! See Doris trying to untangle them and her glamorous outfit.

My favorite of the bunch, naturally, from the first set of photos. The masked woman  is Doris!

Had any epic parties lately? Any family folklore about the craziest birthday that ever went down? Which pic is your favorite?

Gotta slug some coffee and then split for the sales...have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday!


  1. I don't know her name either, but I think she looks a bit like Shelley Duvall so I think we should call her Shelley. Why am I not invited to any of these parties? I would drop everything to go, and I'd even bring an angel food cake for the potluck so Doris could use her angel food cake comb.

    1. So THAT'S WHAT IT IS, I kept squinting and I couldn't figure it out. Now that I know what it is, I want one.

  2. I think my favourite photo has to be the last one, where he's giving her the look you described earlier!

    All the photos are fabulous, as is your commentary. I feel like you point out all these tiny touches and details that enrich the picture but that I would totally gloss over if you weren't pointing them out.

    What a sale! I can't wait to see what treasures you come back with!

  3. i love the little party hat with the feather! and the sweat suit costume with the witch hat? so great!
    i'm crying a river about that estate sale! i wanted to go yesterday and as soon as i got in my car to go, the dang thing didn't start! and i'm at work today. I sent travis in my stead, so we'll see if the years of training will work out for me. haha. i hope you find some great stuff!

  4. I'm getting quite a giggle out of the party hats- especially in the photos when they're all wearing them. Also, I'm absolutely drooling over the furniture in Ray and Doris' living room!
    Hands down my favorite photo has to be that last one, so cute.
    These pictures are too much fun and I always love reading what you have to say about them!



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