Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Etsy Shoppin' (with a Lotto budget)

Happy Valentine's Day, kiddos!

I've been spending waaaay too much time at work clicking through unattainable Etsy items. Why does it have the option to sort from "most expensive to least expensive"?! It just tempts we collectors to seek out the very finest (or the most overpriced) items in the land. And how they seem to find ME!

Wanna take a look at some of "the ones that got away"? Caveat for you fellow e-rummagers... I don't think any of these items are under a hundred smackers. But still! When our ship comes in, we can stow these in the hold.

1950's skirt and top hand painted velvet : I want to get married in this! Are you kidding me?! If I feel obliged to spend an outrageous amount of money on a special occasion dress, how about one that looks like I'm going to ascend into the heavens following the ceremony? This dress looks like I dream: in sequins, black velvet, and Technicolor.

Rare 1940's monkey fur coat: SO. MARLENE. DIETRICH. After seeing Shanghai Express, I fell for the vamp look hard, and now I keep thinking about a monkey fur coat to complete my look, though they're riDICulously expensive. Look. How. DRAMATIC. though!

1850's tintype of man with guitar: Doesn't this look like the cutest guy in a bar in Knoxville? Except in the year of our Lord 1858? Reminds me of the My Daguerrotype Boyfriend tumblr (though tin types and daguerrotypes are different, #vintagephotographynerd). The case is beautiful and I just love the picture. Unfortunately, it's both on reserve and $285. GOOD. LORD. I'm glad I got to see this picture, though, if not kiss its glass goodnight every night.

AM Clock Radio and MP3 Player: MADE. FROM. AN OLD. GENERAL ELECTRIC. TUBE RADIO. I don't need to tell you how cool this is. Function and style do not have to mututally exclusive for once! Last week, I went through the heartbreak of trying to replace my Zenith 60's console tv with a newer tv someone had given us, to increase the "usability" of the living room space for tv viewing. Granted, anything seen on the Zenith looks like it was shot underwater and transmitted from the moon. Granted, the new tv had more hookups and a clear picture and would make watching movies en masse a much simpler task than borrowing projector and screen from my dad. The hulking look of the newer model, however nice it was, in place of my neatly made little Zenith, however, was more than my little vintage heart could bear. Plus, I am as resistant to change as the Rock of Gilbraltar. Moral: I wish I could do this with a non-functioning vintage tv, and save all the parts to send off to underpriviledged vintage tv repair enthusiasts.

Clara Bow lobby card from Red Hair: 1928 lobby poster for a Clara Bow movie! Wow! Also, don't you love the Ziggy Stardust color of red hair she's going for in the illustration?

Vintage big-eyed girl print by JANE: I don't know who Jane is, but I was really struck by this vintage painting and its colors. How do you like her antler-like profusion of flowers? The pale eye mask? Totally winning, the whole shebang.

Vintage 1910's Edwardian Dress: Sometimes it amazes me that anything textile from a hundred years ago can even still exist, much less look so vibrant.

Large industrial lighting sign: Not sure what this sign is advertising, but the penguin is a charmer. I also wish, vainly, for a big enough home to HOUSE such a large sign.

Growing Hair Cher : For what reason would I NOT need a Growing Hair Cher doll?

Celestial Globe : For planning your star chart; would obviously save me hundreds of dollars a month in psychic prediction hotline charges (do they still have those? Psychic hotlines, I mean. Seems like a dream job of telemarketing!).

Gorgeous original French Phone of the 50 s in black bakelite: I am always buying vintage phones, I am never stopping. This one looks particularly elegant.

Collection of beaded purses : I don't even know what I would do upon the transfering of ownership unto me. My head would probably explode for pure please'd-ness. I might need to learn slash take up beading in order to make this dream a reality. Imagine the dresses these went with at one time!!

vintage Bakelite miniature ladies purse clock : So it wouldn't look like I was checking my phone every five minutes for text messages, when in fact I just don't have a watch. This compact-sized time piece still works, too! I saw a much less expensive one in black on Etsy, but it was cracked and didn't keep time. Figures.

1920s Art Deco Flapper headband : Again, I'm on a silent movie sort of kick for clothes. This headband is part of set of embellished headpieces bought at an estate by the Etsy seller. IMAGINE. THAT. ESTATE. Great items in her store, too.

vtg 70s Fleetwood Mac Tusk record promo t shirt : Because it's the best album, period.

Vintage 1920's era Egyptian Revival Bracelet : I like looking like I just inadvertantly stole some ancient, museum quality jewlery, a la Madonna's earrings in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Russian Prison Tattoo Encyclopedia : Didn't know there was such a thing, am not particularly into tattoos, and yet this title! This cover! How could you not want to take a peek?

Any items your little Valentine's heart has been particularly lusting after lately? You've seen my inattainables; now share yours!

Til next time.


  1. How funny! I can honestly say that in all my years of shopping Ebay and Etsy I have never, ever sorted highest to lowest! In spite of being the most jaded person alive, I'm always convinced I will find a treasure the person didn't see as a treasure and marked low so I search newest or lowest first!

    I had that Cher doll when I was little and a Sonny doll too! LOL. Her hair was gorgeous

    What great finds! That bag collection is amazing!!!

  2. oh gosh this hand painted velvet top and skirt are beyond beauty, i totally love this ensemble, it looks so fabulous and espectacular!

  3. Ohhh boy, I wish I'd never seen that first dress; everything else will pale in comparison to its magnificence!! I try not to click on the "highest to lowest" sorting; it just makes me too mad, wading through $500 cotton day dresses, haha.

  4. Here's my Valentine's triumph..I have been looking for a bottle of Aviance for a lonnnggg time. Mama used to wear it back in the 70's and I sniff her empty bottle to take an instant trip back to her Disco Daze.(She was a world class dancer. She actually wore out a pair of Famolares. I saw her out dance a ferret that was trying to snag her L'Eggs)
    Sooo..Last night I was perusing the perfume sites for a miracle...Um, $75.00..What!? And then I found it..A full bottle on Etsy for 4.00!!I guess it was meant to be.

  5. Wow, fabulous window shopping! I actually own a painted velvet skirt and top combo, so if you are serious about getting married in one, shoot me an email. I have been meaning to list it for sale. I'll give you a heckova deal! I love the clock radio turned ipod dock and the penguin sign. The monkey haired coat gives me the heebie jeebies though! great post :-)

  6. The monkey fur jacket is KILLING ME - in the very best way possible. AWESOME!!!

  7. here i thought i was the only one who remembered Desperately Seeking Susan. i loved that movie.

    wishing you luck in the lottery!



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