Friday, February 3, 2012

The Clothes Off My Back (11)

Have I told much I love this Gap button-up cardigan?

I wear it, and wear it, and wear it, and wear it! Always aware of the calming influence of plain black tights/shoes/a belt/a second layer of some kind upon the wild and out vintage print, I was happy to find this perfect wool cardigan at the Hendersonville Goodwill. As in most staple-wardrobe thrift store acquisitions, the only drawback in finding THE ONE PERFECT ITEM is that il n'existe plus in the current retail world. I'm not sure how you would go about ebaying "two year old black sweater from the Gap, with buttons", but it doesn't seem like a done deal in terms of finding this guy's twin. And I love that paisley print dress so much I included it twice. Two times! I've worn it much more than twice since taking either of those photos.


Lots of different outfits! At left, a cowl neck sweater under and a black velvet jacket over a KISS tanktop. I'm not even a huge fan of KISS (after hearing this almost unlistenable, skin-crawling interview with Gene Simmons on NPR, my initially noncommital attitude towards the band soured dramatically), but I love the effect of the rock t-shirt being turned into something a little more polished! I used to do a lot of layering with graphic tanktops almost as waistcoats in college, and I need to get back into that swing of things, for sure. In the middle, my best Rosalind Russell grand dame outfit-- the jacket had the tackiest fake double-C Chanel closure, so I just removed it and added a belt. I am always embracing leopard print; I am never stopping.There's a charm bracelet at my wrist, and I'm trying to get behind wearing gloves more often, but sometimes can't shirk the theatricality of it enough to be comfortable. At far right, a glum Lisa contemplates life as a French spy (black dress from Target, Goodwill'd, $7.99, beret from an estate sale, $2). I think I had Matthew take this picture as a costume test to see what the outfit would look like if I was just standing around, but who knew I stood around so morosely? I love the black sequin detail at the collar and the waist.

The above was a paparazzo photo taken by Matthew as I'd just finished setting out some chairs on the patio for our Black and White Brunch party back in early January. Our first guests were just coming down the driveway and I turned and Bab snapped the picture! Don't I feel just like Bianca Jagger. At any rate, the drastically sharp cut of the collar, gold buttons, and odd color combination made me fall all the way for this early 70's dress (Goodwill, naturally), but it was DEFINITELY made as a mini, and a mini dress on someone of normal height, NOT an Amazonian. So, I added the black skirt (still short, but preserving my decency) and (you guessed it) the black Gap sweater to make it look like I wasn't wearing someone's little sister's clothes. The clip on purple earrings are from Southern Thrift ($4.99).

That day we ate a complete brunch menu from Discover Brunch, by Ruth MacPherson ( there... is AMAZING) and watched (the ironically completely Technicolor, for a black and white brunch) Adventures of Robin Hood, with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. As a party favor, I made these badges, which you can see proudly pinned to my lapel above, and in close up below:


Here's a shot of the screen (and the projector) I borrowed from my dad. Pas mal, hein?:

And the crowd:

Ignore the blinding light from outdoors and consider, "How did I even get so many people in my living room?" Great time had by all, for sure.

We're in the works to plan another one this month. I'm thinking something screwball comedy related? Or Cary Grant? Or both? Haven't decided yet. But I'll keep you guys in loop!

Til next time!


  1. oooh i'd love an errol flynn badge. Love your hair in those photos!

  2. oh gosh i love your style girl!!!
    first i really adore how you did your hair, it looks really fabulous! and then all this amazing frocks! it´s really a pleasure to look at you;)
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Oooh! I love your outfits! Especially the dresses!

  4. I love the black cardigan. Cardigans are the best.

  5. So many cute looks Lisa...why not try wearing you hair down?? I'd love to see it!! Top work on getting all those photos btw.xx.

  6. I love your up-do, I wish I looked as cute as you with mine up like that. x

  7. Cute clothes and cute idea for a party. I have had similar how did all these people get in here moments at my house. I think homes can subtly expand when more and more guests arrive!

  8. Are you accepting charter members? The Errol Flynn badges are awesome! Sounds like you had such a great time.

    P.S. Love anything grande dame/Rosalind Russell-inspired! So fun! Besides, don't you just love the name Rosalind?



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