Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo Thursday/Friday: So Long, Library! (Vintage Nashville Public Library Photos, 1914-1962)

Good afternoon!

I hate to say it, but the time has come, folks-- today is my last day at the Nashville Public Library! After four years of service, I'm hanging up my reference desk spurs for an exciting new position a little ways out of town. Nerd that I am, it's still in the book business...and I'll have to tell you all the details about it as I figure them out myself! I start at the new gig on Monday. I'm not sure what that means for the future of She Was a Bird, especially in the next few weeks as I'm transitioning into a totally different work environment, but hopefully I'll still be spitting vintage on a semi-regular basis right here. So stay tuned! 

To commemorate this life event, I thought I would shamelessly borrow some photos from Nashville Public Library's Digital Collection of photos to show you the place (or at least the precursors of the place-- our building only dates to 2001, but its reputation precedes it!) I've been proud to call my home-away-from- home since 2010. I'm taking tomorrow off from blogging to celebrate, but not to worry-- I'll be back sometime next week to tell you all the news that's fit to print. Keep a good thought for me that I make the professional leap smoothly!! Find great stuff! Have a good weekend! We'll talk soon. :)


Carnegie Library, Nashville, Tenn., circa 1918 (source)

Photograph of the circulation desk of the Nashville Public Library, circa 1955 (source)
Carnegie Library, Nashville, Tenn., circa 1918 (source)

The circulation desk of the Nashville Public Library, circa 1948 (source)
Photograph of the reading room of the Nashville Public Library, circa 1953 (source)
Photograph of the Young Moderns Den of the Nashville Public Library, circa 1960 (source)
Photograph of the Nashville Public Library Airport Reading Room, circa 1962 (source)


  1. Best of luck with your new job! Also, go see the clothes our sale on Whitland...the one with the tent. Creepy, semi-condemned house, lots of vintage clothes & odd stuff. A Lisa sale, for sure.

  2. What is the Airport Reading Room? A reading room at the airport? Also good luck on your job transition :)

  3. Awww!!! Good luck lisa!!! I'm so excited for you though I will miss your library stories and constant access to crazy reference materials! Can't wait to see the evolution of your blog!

  4. Oh you can't just leave us!!!! However, we are happy for you as you enter a new career! Best of everything to you, as always!

  5. Good luck, Lisa! I hope you will still find time to post-I really enjoy your blog!



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