Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo Friday: Mom In Her Modeling Days Edition (1940's)

Good morning!

What's up, kids? IT'S FRRRRIIIIDAY. WE MADE IT. Even if it is the 13th. And I'm back again with photos for She Was a Bird's weekly Photo Friday event...! ((see, it's all the in the wording. Doesn't that sound like something Nicole Kidman would attend now?)) :) I was looking at my Pinterest and a pin I made of this photo about a year ago. That picture features a handsome-as-sin crewcut man on vacation in Hawaii, and when I went back and looked at the photostream, I was hooked anew by his lovely, just-after-WWII era bride, who also worked as a model in the forties'! Talk about a dream discovery. 

Anyway, grâce à this user's flickr account (which is bursting with photos of the man as a little guy and his family), take a look at Violet just before she married, during her modeling years in the California of the late 1940's:

GIRL, LET ME GET THAT HAT. I think it's interesting that just the face and not the hands and legs are colored in, but doesn't it give this backdrop picture just a flicker more warmth than a plain black and white matte would have afforded? I'm thinking about cutting my elbow length hair this summer but if I do, I have to also swear to myself to roll it into this kind of a shoulder length curl instead of just letting it do its own stick straight thing. So pretty! Do you see how dainty her hands with those red fingernails are?

Here's Vi again in a fur coat (YES), victory roll up do  (YES), and Lady Day like hair flower (YESSSSSS). The equal parts mystery and glamour going on in this photo make it top notch.

Miss Thing could do some hair! I wish someone would teach me how to do anything besides my signature braid or beehive (it's all I know to do!). I like the ruching on this dress, as well as the knotted pearls and the large corsage. Don't you wish more people took pictures like this in front of landmarks/their house/ the world at large? Someone doing a blog like this about 2014 in 2094 is going to have nothing to go on sociologically because they'll all be closeup selfies and pictures of plates of food we ate.

Cute! There are several photos of Violet in this swimsuit/playsuit....this one is one of the best (THOSE SHOES).

THAT HAT! With a friend and the druggist in a drug store. How about the sign in the background? This way to the "Beauty Shoppe"!

At home, in a dress I would like to borrow sometime:

Another studio portrait in another interesting hat! I am floored by the huge brooch.

And some of her modeling photos, as promised in the title of this blog post. Violet's doll-like prettiness and petite, willowy figure make me wish I was a tiny 1940's beauty like this one! 

Just when you thought there wouldn't be any color snaps in this set, here's the beauty in a palette of pastels, in a set of photographs inscribed to the man who became her husband that year:

And here's the happy couple themselves. Don't they look just like movie stars?

Anyway, I have to shake a tailfeather, but tell me what you think! Which snap of Violet is your favorite? Do you have any models or model-aspirants in your family picture album? How do I get my hair to do what hers does? Let's talk!

That's all for today, but have yourselves a FABULOUS WEEKEND and I'll see you on the other side, with all the vintage news that's fit to print (and hopefully some weekend finds!). Take care, see you then.


  1. These are great! I love the one at the drugstore. How I wish they still had soda fountains! There was one left in Oklahoma City when I was growing up but now it's gone, too. :-(

  2. It just seems like the perfect backdrop for a carefree lunch date on your lunch hour, or an afterwork milkshake. Bid time return!



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