Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Friday Rerun: Mongomery Clift Edition

Hi guys! 

I have an action packed weekend, starting with an estate sale that starts at the gruesome hour of 8 AM-- that's right, I'm dragging my weary bones out of bed on a NON-WORK day to go comb over treasures of a mid century sort. However! How could I leave you hanging for the weekend? This is one of the handsomest guys STILL in the whole of my photo collection. So if you missed it the first time, or would like to take a walk back down memory lane with this heartthrob, here's your chance to see my GI dream boat. This post originally appeared on She Was a Bird November 2, 2012.

Anyway, wish me luck out in the wild world! Have a fabulous Friday, and I'll see you guys on Monday! Take care. Til then.  -Lisa

 Sorry I'm late, folks! Estate sales having taken longer than I thought they would, I only have a minute before I dash off to make lunch, but I wanted to show you guys what I grabbed on at a sale in East Nashville. Caution, ladies...this one's a scorcher:

I was going through a box of pictures in the upstairs bedroom of a little house in Lockeland Springs when I noticed about a quarter of the photographs inside were from WWII-- I quickly sorted through and grabbed any that caught my eye. At 25 cents apiece, you really can't make a bad choice. When I got home and started scanning, I realized four of them were of the same, drop-dead gorgeous enlisted man. DOES HE NOT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MONTGOMERY CLIFT? If Montgomery Clift and Don Draper had a third brother, here we go, folks. Sadly enough, none of his pictures were labelled, but who needs background info when you have a face like THIS:

 Look at his cool leather jacket and knit vest over shirt and tie! I've asked you before, but I'll ask you again--why don't men dress like this anymore? Even the ones that do tend to pull it off in this ironic, not-really-getting-the-point, looks like it came from a bargain bin way...this guy looks like he's about to seduce his leading lady before making a really cool movie about early aviation for Warner Brothers' in the thirties'. I swoon, and swoon; revive myself and then swoon again.

Oh, but he probably doesn't even look that spectacular in full dress uniform, I mean, that would be ridiculous, right?


I think I'm still a little dizzy from the first two, and here's the man himself. Relatively tall (maybe 5'10''?) for the time and just as handsome and imposing as in his close ups. Look at that jaw and those cheekbones! I love the barracks in the background and the long shadow he's casting against the background.

This was the first one I found and the most Monty Clift of the bunch. Ugh. Just like a picture. Freakishly handsome. I wonder what his children and grandchildren looked like! Or how pretty the girl he married must have been. It's always such a wistful feeling I get as a vintage photograph collection to know that what I have is what there is, or all that there is, or all that I'm going to get to see, at any rate. Still. I'm so hanging these in a place of prominence in my house.

What'd you think of my WWII boyfriend? Do you have any heartbreakin' soldier pictures in your collection? What do you look for when you first start rifling through boxes of other-people's-pictures?

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you right back here on Monday! Good luck at the sales!



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