Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo Friday: Pages from the Scrapbook Edition (1910's- 1920's)

Good morning!

Well, we survived the storm! Matthew and I spent a good part of last night in the front room of my house with the lights out, watching the rain swirl up in billowing gusts out the living room's picture window. Not the best place to be if the storm really DID turn into a tornado, but how could we pass up front row seats at the main attraction! Trees shakin', winds quakin', I ain't fakin'-- there was a lot to see out on our residential street. The lights  flickered a few times, and the weather siren on top of the Inglewood Methodist Church was wailing, but overall its bark was worse than its bite, and after righting some patio chairs that took a wind waltz last night, we're none the worse for wear. Am I glad, too!

In celebration, I'm going to drop by the flea market this afternoon and see if I can't bring home some goodies. But it wouldn't be Friday here at She Was a Bird without some pho-tos. These album pages came from a flickr user who had uploaded a TON of family photos from the same time period, but something about the whole page being intact in some of the scans drew me to these over the loose leaf snapshots.

Take a look! I'm hitting the streets, but I'll see you Monday! Wish me luck. Til then. 


  1. Love these! Collin and I were coming home from a free in-store at Grimey's the night of the big storm and I was wondering why we ever went out haha. Those tornado sirens were lovely background noise for the evening!

    Junebugs and Georgia Peaches

    1. Thanks, lady! Yes, it was completely terrifying. The weather these last couple of months has been so crazy! Glad you all made it home safe, though. :)



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