Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Friday: September 1968 Edition

Good afternoon!

I had some errands to run this morning, and yet more to run after I finish this post, so I hope you won't mind a lightining fast Photo Friday-- I gotta get a jump on the weekend!

These Polaroids are helpfully labelled with the year and month on them-- don't you wish you could still get pictures developed like that?! It looks so much better than the little digital time stamps or weird, back-of-photo print outs you get nowadays! All four feature the flickr user's gorgeous blonde mom, with hair I'm coveting so hard it's making me angry. Take a look!

Are these cute or what? Do you not want a Polaroid Land Camera and a blonde bob NOW?

I have to get a move on, but listen-- have a great weekend, find awesome stuff, and we'll meet back here Monday! Is it a deal? I'll see you then! :) Take care.


  1. I love old Polaroids! I still have my old Land Camera, but the film is expired so the photos come out wonky. It gives them kind of a vintage look to them though. My film is from the early 2000s, and it has no date on it. My camera is from the 60s though so it is super cute!

  2. I remember you using that back in the day!!! My friend Chad has a Land Camera that he has jerry rigged to use some still-in-production kind of instant film and also to take batteries, I will have to ask him how he did it (he told me, but I am so not technically minded). He takes all those Halloween photos of Matthew and me on my Facebook with that same stock, it's so cool!



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