Thursday, June 20, 2013

We're Going to Six Flags!

Good morning!

I got a great surprise yesterday after Matthew got home from work-- after a month of planning, he revealed that we're going on a weekend trip to Georgia for our fifth anniversary this weekend! Technically, the anniversary is next weekend, but this one works better in the grand scheme of things, and I'm tickled to death he came up with a reason to get us the heck out of Dodge for more than a day. Now, usually people who have expressed an interest in visiting a major metropolitan area for a romantic getaway would schedule in fine dining, wining, dancing-- I don't know, things you would see on a Zale's commercial. My thoughtful little dude has centered the itinerary, in a grand prize showcase like dossier he presented me with last night, around a trip to Six Flags. SIX FLAAAAAGS! I haven't been since an 8th grade field trip in 1998! 


Vintage Six flags over Georgia Atlanta Serving Tray Platter Wall Plaque
Six Flags over Georgia is the second-oldest of the Six Flags brand theme parks, and the first expansion Six Flags park founder Angus Wynne (you can't make these names up, folks) created after his success in Six Flags over Texas. My dad actually visited SFoG during or slightly after the inaugural year, 1967. As a seven year old, he said the most memorable parts of the visit were a) the flags (good eye, Pappy) and their corresponding that-country-themed sections of the park and b) the predominance of the song "Windy" by the Association being piped over the sound-system in between every announcement, in its entirety. Maybe the Association's manager had some kind of "in" with the theme park? Maybe whatever Atlanta DJ at the station that was being broadcast was REALLY into them? At any rate, every time the song came on the radio when I was a kid, which was a lot on Nashville's Oldies 96.3, my dad would tell this story. And now, friends, I have passed it on to you. Maybe I could put it on a mix cd for the drive down there, and the Association would be inextricably associated with Six Flags in MY mind as well!

Ever since the closing down of our beloved Opryland, I have really MISSED having theme parks as a major part of my summer activities. When I was a child, we'd have season passes every year and just go in the late afternoon to ride all the rides without any kind of wait, as tuckered out Music City USA tourists had already retreated to their hotels for the night. I wonder if there are any similar tricks to this for SFoG that I need to know about...

1970s Vintage Brown Ceramic Glazed Souvenir Six Flags Over Georgia
 Beer Mugs Rope Handle 3D Log Ride Antique Car
I went to the park once, as I said before, on that field trip, and the key things I can remember are riding some kind of Screamin' Delta Demon style roller coaster with a Vietnamese classmate named Phuc Tri, who may or may not have had a crush on me; buying a hat shaped like a lobster for a nine year old Sus; and participating in a conspiracy to take a picture of our Algebra teacher asleep on the tour bus home. Also, there was a girl in our class who ordered the pre-paid hamburger dinner at McDonalds on the way home with bun and lettuce, but no patty. Remember being a picky eater in middle school? Or worse, an adolescent dieter? At any rate, there's a yawning blank there for the most part of what I did at a theme park almost fifteen years ago...I'm ready to fill in some spaces with memories of freakin'-my-kix on a roller coaster or six! :)

Vintage Six Flags Autograph Dog
Concerns I have coming out of the gate here-- what do you take with you on vacation to a theme park? While I would usually be wearing a beehive and a pretty sundress, I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be  just rockin' a ponytail, my swimsuit under a pair of cargo shorts, and Columbia waterproof walking sandals to the park itself. And maybe whatever the non-nineties' equivalent of a fanny pack is. I am getting the actual heebies typing out what I just typed out, but what do you wear to a theme park?! I have a complete terror of either one, not having what I need when I am far from home, or two, having what I need but being compelled to stow it in a storage locker, thus not having what I need even though I brought it when far from home. Additionally, if you see me walking around Six Flags this weekend, act like I won't act like I don't know you, as I sure wouldn't want you to know me! Haha. 

ATLANTA GA Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park Satellite Ride Vintage Postcard

Regardless of the fashion crimes I intend to commit while on park grounds, I know it will be a lot of fun. Matthew and I always have a freakin' ball on vacation. And look at all this! Rides! Cheesy souvenir photo taking opportunities! Thrills! Spills! I will marshal my sartorial misgivings before embarking tomorrow.

Atlanta Georgia 1973 Vintage Park Map Six Flags RARE
So! If you're an old hand at theme parks, what are your recommendations for what to wear/what to bring? Do you know of any super cool places to go to in Atlanta, GA? We've mapped out a couple of vegan restaurants to take out for a spin, but if you know of any must-see, rabbit-food-eater-friendly places to hit, let me know!

That's all for today, but I'll see you tomorrow for a lightening fast Photo Friday. Til then!


  1. You guys have a blast! I love a man who will secretly plan something fun. Kudos to the Mister!

    I was at Six Flags when I found out that Elvis was dead. Will never forget that one!

    1. He handlettered this little manila envelope "TOP SECRET! DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JUNE 20TH!" and then gave it to me on the 19th, he was too excited about it to wait.

      What a day that must have been! The saddest little pop culture moment at one of the happiest places on earth, a seventies' theme park! (Truly, it could only have been worse if you were at Disneyland. Or outside Graceland) I think that tops my dad's "Windy" story by a pace or two! :)

  2. Six Flags!! Sounds like a blast. Love all the vintage Six Flags stuff! I'm loling over your fashion crimes confession- I commit those regularly myself due to the nature of our small business. We deliver legal docs all day and I'm usually the driver while the mister is the messenger, so it doesn't matter if I look a hot mess. (For the record I love fashion and do dress up when it matters haha) I know when I'm looking my worst is when I'm going to run into one of y'all at a thrift store. Btw, good to see Eartha back online!

    1. That's the first thing I thought when I saw her retour de Mme. Kitsch! :) Thanks for the moral support on the "OH MY GAWD, dear LORD, donotletthemseemelikethis" that is experienced when one is a) wearing their absolute worst and b) seeing someone they absolutely do not want to see them at their absolute worst. As the getaway driver in your case, though, if you see somebody you know, just speed off! Call the mister and tell him you'll pick him up around the block, haha. I get kidded for dressing in dresses to go digging in a dusty basement or attic at an estate sale, but I see 80% of the people I know out at the sales, too!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! You'll hear all about it next week, for sure! :)

  4. Why not come to KC,Missouri and go to Worlds of Fun? (I call it Worlds of Sweat.) I got lost there as a youngster, separated from the Parents. I stopped by the Zambezi Zinger for a sip from the water fountain, and whooosh! They chose that opportunity to ditch me, I guess. I stumbled through the place for what seemed like hours, weeping. (a neurotic 10 year old) Finally I heard a shout from overhead...Daddy got on the overhead sky tram and spotted me. advise is to take a smart phone with the compass feature and a canteen full of gin and tonic.

    1. Haha, fabulous story, Mrs. Leapheart! And your carry-on suggestions are duly noted. :) I love that solution that only a Dad would think of-- hop on the sky tram for eagle eyed view of the park, spot lost loved one, retrieve lost loved one. Problem? Solved! I bet you were glad to see him. Poor, pint-sized you, a piteous little face in the crowd. I am (sometimes) lucky to be so tall-- Matthew doesn't have trouble finding me in stores because my head is always sticking out above the shelves! He'll have to set his finding skills to "EXPERT", however, if I get lost in a theme park (do they still have sky trams?)!

  5. How fun! I love the vintage Six Flags stuff- that old branding is awesome. Just be comfortable! Don't wear shoes that can fall off on roller coasters that your feet dangle :)

  6. fun! we went there on spring break in 2004 and had such a blast! i remember LOVING the big wooden white roller coaster, and ride the haunted mansion ride. i think it is just supposed to be fun for kids, but i remember it being CREEPY . i hope it is still there!
    i know it isn't healthy, but you should stop at the varsity and get their KILLER onion rings. it is a great old huge drive in and those rings! perfection.
    the zoo is good, and i've always wanted to go to the puppetry center. i wish i had a bigger list of atlanta sites!



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