Friday, June 28, 2013

Photo Friday: Mom and Chris Edition

Good morning!

Well, it's Friday, somehow! As usual, I am a busy, busy bee at the end of the week-- we're leaving for St. Louis to visit Matthew's Memaw in a matter of moments, but don't think that wouldn't keep me from getting off a quick Photo Friday for you all! Once again, I have relied on the bounty of Flickr to bring us more photos of stranger's families. This set comes from a Flickr group called "Mom" on this user's page, and I thought it was sufficiently sweet enough to include in today's post. Take a look!

 Folks, meet Mom and Chris. I have a feeling Chris is the eldest of three brothers, as though the user's name is Michael, both Chris and a smaller kid named Martin make their respective appearances in this group of snapshots, so I'm guessing Michael might be the youngest of the three of them. What is not to love about this trio of photographs, featuring a pin-neat, Pat Hitchock-esque young matron posing in front of an adorable house with her immaculately clad, summer casual son and dogster in tow?

I'm not sure what kind of dog this is, but based on the body language of the two humans in the photo, I think it is a good one. I love the mom's twinset and neatly tailored pencil skirt, along with the son's matched-to-his-checked-shirt denim jeans. Roy Acuff himself wouldn't be more sharply dressed than this tyke if he was around to be in the photo. Martin makes his appearance below, in a just-as-jealousy-inducing print shirt and even tinier jeans:

Here's Chris in another western inspired ensemble, which reminds me a lot of childhood photos of my Uncle Harold and Johnny. Though there are photos enough of my mom and her elder brother Wayne, the third and fourth of a four-child brood that my grandparents kept a watchful eye over in the fifties', sixties', and seventies', from the number of photos of the two older children, you'd think Harold and Johnny were famous! Every spare inch of growth, every cute moment of standing in a sand lot or balefully brushing sleep from a not-so-wakeful baby face was documented in photograph, after photograph, after photograph. With Sus and I, too, there are way more photos of me, being the first born, as a little tyke than there are of Sus (though there are plenty of Sus, and honestly, she was the more photogenic of the two of us, with white-blonde hair and a wildchild grin).

I just noticed Chris has a bow and arrow. WATCH OUT, THE COWBOYS HAVE ARROWS NOW, PEOPLE. Is day night? Is up down?! What do we do?!

Last but not least, I wanted to make sure I included the photo that got me interested in this set in the first place. Doesn't the whole thing look like a midcentury painting? I can't get over the mother's slight, gingham clad frame and the shadows across the scenery:

Do you notice a discrepency in photo representation between siblings in either your own family or your parents'? What's your favorite family photo of you and a beloved pet? Which of these snaps is your favorite? Let's talk!

That's all for this week, but you guys have a fabulous weekend! I gotta scoot; I'll see you first thing Monday! Til then.


  1. I really like these photos! I am the third of five children (smack dab in the middle). I might as well have never existed when it comes to photos, baby books, etc. The first child (my oldest sister) and the youngest child (Mary, a total surprise baby) received all of the attention. Why do you think Mr. Tiny is always in full-blown Jan Brady mode?!?! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. I laughed out loud at "always in full-blown Jan Brady mode"...!



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