Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wack Thursday

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Good morning, readers!

Vintage 1940s Get Well Card with Girl, Retro Greeting Card with Colorful Vintage Graphics, Via Etsy.
And exactly what I look like today, with lighter hair!

I have called out of work ONCE AGAIN due to a lingering sinus/eye/everything else in the world wrong with me feeling this morning. Guh! When will I once again enjoy a regular, whackadoodle day as I have in the past? The extra sleep was nice, but now in the midst of my sniffles I'm cagily trying to think of things to do at home without leaving the house.

Things I've done so far, in my thirty minutes of wakefulness:

Ate a piece of Vegan Pizza from Whole Foods:

Do you guys know about this mess? Luckily, Matthew works a stone's throw from one of the only Whole Foods in town, and can follow my directive of "I NEED PIZZA" when asking me what I want for dinner without throwing our whole diet for a loop. I totally stuff my face as in days of yore, crunching down on roasted garlic/ sundried tomatoes/ spinach like a P-I-G, but with only half the guilt I used to have, since the cheese is soy-shreds and the toppings are good-for-you. Something about eating cold pizza for breakfast or lunch takes me right back to elementary school as a fat fourth grader with an Alfred Hitchcock young adult book from our super (awesomely) outdated school library propped open by my enormous Lunchmate lunch box, absently chowing down on congealed Domino's from the night before, carefully wrapped in tin foil, as I tried to solve the mystery of the disappearing mummy two steps ahead of the sixties' junior sleuths in the book. I've come a long way (or a short way, when you get down to it!), but gosh it's good to wallow in that carby-nostalgia from time to time. What leftovers do you like to eat in the next morning for breakfast?

Checked out

Halllllloooooo, couch. Pray tell, whither camest the stone edifice shirking in all chasteness at your anterior? 
I've got my priorities! While I hope the rest that I needed (and the pizza that I ate) goes a long way towards restoring my head to health,  gotta make sure my ducks are all in a row for tomorrow's either estate sale or flea market plunder. My dad's out of school this week and next for spring break slash something they call intersession (technically an "enrichment" week where kids can come to school and prep for tests, get tutored, actuality, just a second week of spring break), so he's game for once to hit the sales and or the fairgrounds of a Friday, alias the MOST PRODUCTIVE day to do so. I didn't see much in the way of estate sales to go to, except one possible diamond in the rough off 12th Avenue? But we'll see what tomorrow turns up!

Imported my Google Friend Connect Blogs to Blog Lovin:

Take your time, dude.
Everybody and their mom in the blogging community is freaking out about the imminent demise of Google Friend Connect and Google Reader. I guess I knew this day would come, but what about the blog addresses I don't have memorized? I'm going to (sadly) replace the box of readers on the right for a Bloglovin badge-- that way, you guys can keep connected via the next step in what-I'm-going-to-check-every-so-often-to-make-sure-I'm-not-just-talking-to-myself. The cool thing is you can import all your GFC blogs with the click of one button on the left hand side of the main Bloglovin page. WE CAN GET BEHIND THIS. Click on the link at the top of this post or the picture-link-thing I'm about to put up in like five minutes to join She Was a Bird on Bloglovin. Come on, you know you want to.

Tried to Decide Whether I Would Watch the Rest of The Mindy Project Episode I Began Last Night But Was Too Tired to Watch

Mindy, I love you
I hate when I get started on something like five minutes in and then quit! Need to see what happened at the rest of Mindy's surprise birthday dinner. I also have a stack of movies I checked out from NPL yesterday, not knowing that they may be my saving grace today. Check this out: Chernobyl Diaries, Dreams of a Life, Prometheus, Intruders, Lace (the tv miniseries from the early 80's), Buffalo Bill and The Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, and McCabe and Mrs. Miller. I love that this list accurately reflects the mix of terrible horror movies, recent releases, trash tv, documentaries, and Altman movies that run through my DVD player on a weekly basis (for free! Thank you, library! I promise I'll be back at work on Monday!). When I'm not watching internet tv, I am watching these categories of movies. What does this say about me?!

Wondered How the Stray Pup Matthew Picked Up at the End of Our Street Was Doing:

I got home from straight-to-class-from-work yesterday night around 7:30, whereupon Matthew met me at the back door with this poor, scruffy, spaniel looking stray that had followed his car from the end of the street. Obviously thin and matted-of-fur, he did the right thing and piled the dog into the car. Owing to the lack of daytime supervision and place to keep the dog inside the house, not to mention my allergies, which are legion, she's being fostered by Matthew's mom, Deb, in Hendersonville until we can get her scanned for a microchip and put up ads and all that good stuff. After a frantic late night call to Eartha Kitsch, who's involved in East Nashville and Inglewood dog rescue efforts, I feel slightly more soothed about the little gal's future being bright. But if you know anybody who's missing a sweet natured, black and white, kind of spaniel-y pupster in East Nashville, please let a girl know!

Well, that's it and that's all for a blow-by-blow update of my sick self this morning. I think I'm going to drink some orange juice and go snuggle back in the bed with my Altman movies, for the time being. Have anything good coming up this weekend? Any cheery news or tv slash movie rec's to buoy up the spirits of a home-bound illster? Let's talk!

I'll keep the Vitamin C flowing, and hopefully see you all back here for Photo Friday tomorrow! Til then.

Postscript: Minutes after I wrote this, I checked out my seriously-favorite-blog-ever, Dangerous Minds, who posted this AMAZING LIVE 1974 Tim Buckley performance of "Dolphins" on Old Grey Whistle Test. I might live after all. "Sometimes I you ever think of me?" 


  1. 1. Now I want pizza, too.
    2. I don't understand Bloglovin'. I seriously need to be less of a Luddite blogger.
    3. I'm hitting that 12 S. sale early...there's not too much happening sale-wise this weekend other than that, I'm thinking.
    4. I will be missing out on Friday flea action because I have to go pick up a light fixture in Hendersonville and then my son in Sewanee. Am trying not to pout. I probably will take my kids there on Saturday, but they are the WORST.FLEA MARKET. HELPERS. EVER. Why didn't I have nerdy kids like me who loved that kind of stuff?? Anyway, feel better! The Mister has had the crud all week around here and it apparently just takes awhile to shake it. :(

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, I sure hope this funk clears up stat so I can get back to (not work obviously, but) picking! I was intrigued by the byline of the 12th S sale and hope it turns out to be a winner! 90 years in the same family! That's just unheard of these days!!

      Bloglovin looks really neat, now that I'm wading into it for real. I remember hearing about it a long time back and having a badge for a little bit or whatever, but it looks like a good place to keep up with all the blogs I don't necessarily have the names memorized for (yours is not one of those, haha, but I'm following you over there anyway!). :)

  2. That pizza looks delicious! And that couch is wonderful! Good luck tomorrow!

    1. The pizza is really good! The "cheese" (really non-dairy, soy stuff) even melts and stretches like real cheese. I will report back with my findings!! :)

  3. i looooooove bloglovin. i haven't looked at google friend connect in over a year so i'm don't really mind that it is going away. bloglovin rules!
    and i wish they would keep the vegan pizza out, because sometimes it would be awesome to buy a slice on my break.
    good luck at the flea! we're going out of town so i'm missing it this month!

    1. Re: Bloglovin: I am surprised at how much I'm liking it, especially since I got to move (all 442, how embarrassing, of) my pre-existing blogs over! The format is better.

      Re: Whole Foods: I always forget to ask you about that place, because who would know the ins and outs like you, and you're vegan, too, like us! I am obsessed with the pizza there, I make Matthew call in an order for a whole one to pickup on his way home waaaay too often. It's freakin' awesome.

      Re: Flea: if I see any swimsuit or buckaroo pictures, you know I'm gonna snap 'em up for your collection! :) Have fun out of town! Take lotsa pics.

  4. You're so industrious! I need to get used to bloglovin. I downloaded the app on my phone in hopes of making me more of a fan. I imported all my blogs last week and am trying to ween myself off GFC. Only 1/3 of my GFC people are following me on that makes me nervous.

    1. Haha, I feel like I got a lot done today, in spite of feeling crummy (never did finish Mindy, but I vacuumed the FOOL out of this house). I ran right over and joined your blog on Bloglovin', so that makes a slightly higher ratio of GFC followers converting! I hope we don't lose any readers in the flux between formats, it's kind of worrying!

  5. "Pray tell, whither camest the stone edifice shirking in all chasteness at your anterior? " - you are a fabulous loon! Feel better soon. I think that you and I both have been sick way too many times this year. Out with the bad air! In with the good air!

    Any updates on the most adorable dog on the planet? I hope, hope, hope that your boo's Mom is going to keep her! Oh my jeez....that teddy bear nose.

    Feel better soon!

    1. Re: sick: PREACH. I need to take more vitamins or read less comic books by flashlight! Seriously! I hope we both get to be bursting with vitality this spring, given the winters we've had!!

      Re: pupster: Deb took her to the vet (she weighs 9 lb, 3 ou, and is healthy, in spite of being down-at-the-heels), had her (poor matted) hair shaved, bought her a sweater with hearts on it and a chew toy shaped like a dinosaur. Deb is taking good care of that pup! I think it might be love. PS: Matthew named the dog "Maude" for the time being, how cute is that?!

  6. Ohmygosh. She is TOTALLY going to keep her. Or at least I am going to chant that until she does. : ) Maude - LOVE.

  7. Lisa..Maybe you shoud get some antibiotics. You've had this eipizootic, what, three times recently? Your sinus cavities are basically filthy litle city swimming pools full of bacteria. Chronic sinusitis is no joke! And where are your sinuses located? Near your big brain! Thin, thin litle bones stand between your brain and your infected sinus cavities. Cluck! Cluck, cluck!! (Mother hen runs off to nest)

    1. You are right! I have been sick way too often this year. The main thing that felled me yesterday morning was this IMPOSSIBLE eye thing I've got going on-- one of my eyes is just red, no matter what. I went to the eye doctor, TWICE, and both times he was like "ah, it's contact lens strain, stay out of 'em a day or two and you should be fine, all your pressure/whatever is fine". One week later, all seven days spent like Mr. Magoo, running into things with my coke bottle actual glasses, and nothing has changed! I should check on the sinus thing and ask my actual General Practitioner doctor what's going on.

      At any rate, thanks for worrying about me, though! It feels good to have sympathy/mother hen advice, so I don't feel like such a malingerer.

  8. I hope you feel better soon. That pizza looks rather scrumptious, I must say!
    I just added bloglovin to my blog and am rather enjoying how it works, though I am sure it does more than I have so far figured out.

    1. That pizza is the BUSINESS. Seriously! I don't know how they make it so tasty. Re: Bloglovin: I need to pop over and make sure I'm following you. It's a brave new world, this blog lovin stuff, but we'll get used to it. I like to think about what it was like before they overhauled Blogger's interface to make it so much easier to use-- do you remember what a freakin TASK sizing pictures used to be?

  9. I noticed a HUGE uptick in my bloglovin' followers after google announced they were getting rid of Reader. I've been using bloglovin' for quite a while now and it seems to work pretty well. Sometimes it forgets to update a blog and then I get four or five posts all at once. They do need to work on that!

    442 blogs! I only follow 50-something and I can't even keep up with those.



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