Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi everybody!  Its me!  Matthew (aka Bab)!

I bet you didn't think I'd be back so soon, but I am, so there.  Lisa has her hands full today, so I have returned with yet another presentation of her artistic creations!

So Lisa and I were hanging out a few weeks ago, when I asked her who the most popular underwater movie star is.  As though it were common knowledge and I was silly for asking, she answered: "Piranha Joe."  She went on in great detail to explain about his films and razor sharp teeth.  This was the last time we spoke about the subject until my birthday two days ago, when I opened my facebook to find this:

A golden age classic, starring a dashing, Flynn-esque Piranha Joe in his prime.  The behind-the-scenes drama on this picture is legendary!  Rumors of an on set romance between Piranha Joe and Janet Leigh were dispelled when Piranha Joe ate part of Leigh.  Mainly the face region.  The show must go on, however!  Can't you sense the excitement?  Volcanos!  Fist fights!  A frog that ate a guy!  An unforgettable skull-face romance!  All of this presented in state of the art Piranha-vision.

Who could for get the taboo-shattering urban crime drama Streete Fish People?  Piranha Joe and that Bat are from two different worlds, but their shared search for justice brings them together!  Will the world ever accept them?  Will they live long enough to find out?  Besides the consistently solid performance of Joe, this film contains a standout first-time performance from that Bat.  It is regarded as a milestone in bat cinema, helping it cross over into the main stream.

Last but not least we have a more obscure late-career picture!  In the 1970's Joe was no longer a big box-office name in the states, however he still had a strong following in the far east!  Little is known about this film except that it featured PJ on the wrong side of the law, pursued relentlessly by a no-nonsense starfish police captain, and featured an army of terrifying Courtney Stodden androids.  There are rumors of a remastered Criterion release, so keep your fingers crossed!

Well, that's all the time I have for now!  It was a pleasure as always to appear on the bird!  Check back tomorrow for more of Lisa's priceless vintage antics!

Love always,
Matthew (aka Bab)


  1. "A frog that ate a guy!" Awesome.

  2. Piranha Joe had a bit of a Clark Gable vibe there at first but towards the end, he went a little Mickey Rourke. I'm so pleased to hear of his films and will start my letter writing campaign to the movie theaters now. We MUST bring these films back into the public eye.

  3. All the best romances are skull-faced romances.



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