Monday, January 28, 2013

Checking In

Good morning!

Well, people, it was pretty much the most awesome weekend ever. So awesome, I feel the need to chronicle it in my Monday morning post. I have a lot on my plate at work today, but let's hit the highlights! Items:

((teenybopper screaming ensues))

  • Friday: Eartha and I did not die in the Great Freezing Rain Storm of 2013-- while the back roads of Ashland City were initially a little confusing to us ("Does this road just end? What is with this stop light?"), we did make it through and found some goofy little goods to take back to town. Among other things, I got a stack of early 80's Twilight Zone: the Magazine issues and more hankies than anyone should honestly own; Eartha guilted herself into buying a blue-eyeshadowed, human faced fifties' plush cat and some UH-DORABLE children's books. Run over and see her post on her finds here. It was fuuuuuuun!
  • Saturday: I hit the flea market for day one with my pappy. Later that day, Matthew was called in to his secret side line gig as an Elvis impersonator (you thought he couldn't be cuter? You were wrong), and check this out for an event-- it was the Humane Society's annual fundraising dinner/dog fashion show, "Unleashed". The mayor was there. Nudie apprentice and suitmaker extraordinaire Manuel was there. I even saw Mike Wolfe in a weird, awesome, glitzed out Roy Acuff style cowboy jacket standing near the cordoned off media area. Not only were we at this swanky hotel on West End, not only were there freakin' dogs of every size and color everywhere, but Matthew actually got paid to attend! The life of a musician never ceases to amaze me. We ate crazy good pad Thai at the Smiling Elephant afterwards, and went home to watch old episodes of Project Runway. Roaring success of a Saturday.
  • Sunday: Rae and her husband Travis called us up to hit the flea market for last-day discounts, and boy, they had no sooner to say "You guys free this morning?" than we were at the fairgrounds, rarin' to go! We had many laughs and seriously, those two must have had their regular eyes removed and replaced with hawk eyes, because they are GOOD at spotting the best stuff. We even ran into fellow Nashville bloggers Jenna and Elizabeth at one kitsch strewn table, which was crazy, because again, this weekend for me was like "here are all the bloggers you like, but in REAL LIFE." Though, I guess if you wanted to get a good shot of meeting up with Nashville's die-hard pickers, between estate sales and the flea market, you're going to spot one of us in our natural habitat, haha. I got a whole plastic sackful of dresses and a couple little knickknack guys. My love affair with the flea market continues.
Sadly, I was too busy having fun to take pictures! But I have made this representative collage of some of the things I found:

Now, these are all similar items from ebay or etsy instead of the actual thing in my home, but I think they're pretty similar to the finds, and will do in a pinch! Clockwise from top left: 1937 Homer Laughlin "Briar Rose" pattern dishes, $11 (16 pcs, four cups,  four saucers, four salad plates, four dinner crazing and only one cracked cup...must keep on the lookout for bowls!); a Himalayan Salt Lamp, $8 (I didn't know what it was when I bought it, and I'm still not 100% sure what it does, but it looks so cool!); 10 vintage hankies of similarly bright graphics, $8 (including one of the Empire State Building); and a 1953 "Eh! Cumpari" novelty charm bracelet, $5. The musical instruments on the chain are all different instruments mentioned in the song "Eh! Cumpari". You coulda knocked me over with a feather!

Today, I've got another lead on some Craigslist bounty-- will have to let you know later in the week if it pans out, but keep your little fingers crossed for me! I think it is the FINAL ITEM to be put in the den. You thought I'd forgotten, but I haven't! Here's a preview pic plus Matthew (like a quarter, I can use him to demonstrate scale):

Intrigued? You should be; I am SO. EXCITED. ABOUT. THIS ROOM. Now, if we could only get that DANG carpet up (patience is a virtue).

What all did you get into this weekend? Did you find anything good at the sales? Let's talk!

I gotta jet so I can get crackin' on the workload, but I will see you guys here tomorrow!


  1. I had a pretty productive antiquing weekend, but not nearly as productive as yours! My big find was a set of cordial glasses.

    Can't wait to see the finished den! ("Den" is soooo midcentury. My grandparents have one.)

    1. Aw, neat! I just saw your cordial glass on FB, that looks like a great set. I always love matched, particularly *specific* old barware and kitchen ware, like grapefruit spoons and egg cups.

      I can't wait for the den to be all-the-way finished, hahaha. Still waiting on that last thing!

  2. Please let me know next time you all go to the flea! I am totally in. I was so mad that I missed it this month!

    1. You bet! There were fewer vendors than usual, so maybe next month will be bigger and better.

  3. OH MY GOD, the "Eh Cumpari" bracelet! We sing that song all the freakin' time (and have for years)! That is AMAZING! :D

    1. There's a story behind that one! I passed on it in November for $10, came back in December and was sad I couldn't find it at the same vendor...came back THIS month, while looking at another charm bracelet, the sales lady pulls it out from beneath the booth and says, "Hey! If you like charm bracelets, how about this one? It's marked $6 but I'll take five." KISMET.

  4. You packed a whole hell of a lot into a weekend! I love that Matthew helped raise money for the animals - and in true Elvis style. I'd love to see Mike Wolfe in his cowboy jacket. Yummy. I wonder if Manuel made it? I guess the Joan head was nowhere to be found. : (

  5. I love that leopard print danmod!! I believe it may have pushed me to buy and recover the same one I just saw posted on a local facebook selling sight for a mere 20 bucks...or best offer!

    I did a little buying this weekend, even though I didn't need to and even though I'm bloody well skint:
    70s Owl planter and matching (kind of) 70s owl figurine--after all, I'm doing my laundry room in owls and mushrooms so I NEEDED them...right??

    70s Mushroom embellished Pitcher--for the same room. Hey, I NEED it...the lady's bringing me the matching canisters on Saturday. Hey, I said I NEED them!!

    Little 'Souvenir of Virgina' black poodle--Not only does he match my salt and pepper shakers, but my 'kitschen' is full of travel souvenirs. Two birds with one stone!

    Little chalk ware collie---the same style as a bigger, more colourful one that belonged to my grandparents. He was a buck. So sue me! ;D

  6. Wow, such great finds! That salt lamp is supposed to emit postive ions or something,like a new age health thing. Put on some Yanni and fire up the lamp and good vibes and ions will come your way. regardless of whether thats true its really pretty. I think they are pretty expensive new so you score!



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