Thursday, August 23, 2012



Hi! Feeling under the weather, so I'm going to spend most of today watching Revenge on Hulu Plus (it's like Dynasty... I don't even like it but I can't stop watching!)  in a bed jacket, working on little felt handicrafts while drinking bullion. But don't worry! Hopefully with a tiny bit of convalescing I'll be right as the rain for Photo Friday tomorrow!

See you then!


  1. Feel better so you can get back to the croquet circuit!

  2. I watched the first few episodes of Revenge and then decided I couldn't justify watching it any more. Gotta love trash TV for convalescing. I watched a ton of Dallas episodes one time when I didn't feel well and kept watching them afterward until I got to the point where if Pamela had another miscarriage I was going to be so fed up with the writers' inability to come up with anything original. Guess what? Pamela had another miscarriage. I didn't even make it to the infamous "Who Shot JR?" season.

    Get well soon!



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