Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend Finds!

I feel about as inelegant as a baby deer on its first steps with this new Blogger layout. Seriously! It's like I'm someone's aged grandmother asking how to send an email when I try to google how the heck I get my pictures to not look like they were vomited out upon the layout at whatever intervals seemed convenient. I'll manage somehow, I suppose...but it won't be contentedly!

Speaking of baby deers:
Aren't they sweet?!
 I found this vase at Robinson Flea Market (formerly Madison flea market, in the same 50's grocery store building behind CVS in Madison for you Nashville-ites) on Saturday, which ended a year long case of pea green jealousy. My coworker Doug brought in some beautiful irises one day to the Nonfiction desk in a vase with this selfsame design. He said it had belonged to his mother in the fifties' and we looked it up in a ceramic collectibles book and ooh'd and aah'd over the $50-$70 value. I vowed then and there to pick one up if I ever saw another, as walking by the nonfiction desk gave me a pang of collector's regret every time for not being the child of someone who had bought it back-in-the-day. And success! The booth had several McCoy and other vintage glassware odds and ends, and I picked the deer vase up for $25, which, while not the steal of the century, was money well paid to assuage my jealous bones. It's now in a place of pride on my yellow kitchen table, awaiting some flowers (hint, Babu, hint)!

I need another fur stole like I need an actual additional hole in my head, but here we are with a peach of one from Chayburke's Furs in Nashville (Family Tree estate sale, half off day, $25!). This is what we'll call the FOURTH AND FINAL stole in my collection, but I really wanted a Grey Garden's esque, slightly longer than a shrug version and this one fit the bill to a "t". I'm ready to swanny around a la Margo Channing tout de suite (weather permitting, naturally...and it don't look like it will!). Ignore the work clothes from today under the fabulous fur and imagine a stiff tafetta nip waist dream of dress! And rhinestone dangle earrings, natch. Much better, right?

What do you think about these glasses? Made in the 90's, I scooped them up for a dollar at the same sale because they reminded me more of Wallis Simspon than John Lennon (I love him, but youknow whatImean), and now I can't decide if they look too wide to be 30's or too round to be quite 60's.

This ribbon art was shamefully (and luckily!) overlooked by the first-day crowds at the same sale with the sunglasses and the the fur stole. For $10, I now have a paper doll of 40's swimming star Esther Williams decked out in a ribboned Scarlett O'Hara style dress that has a strange 3-D quality to it. I know I have no room to display this as it is, but something else is going to have to go, because this one was too good to pass up. See more examples of this adorable vintage handicraft at Jersey Girl's blog...I want 'em all!

Remember back a couple posts when I told you about the clutter-buster MADNESS I went into a few weekends ago? Good news: the house is still clean! It's so nice to wake up in an orderly environment. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I hope forever! Another upside of that episode was the whole "shopping in your own house" aspect of cleaning out closets. I found SO. MUCH. STUFF. I didn't even know I had some of it! Do you ever buy things and just put them in the closet, not to be seen again for a few years? Well, here are a few treasures unearthed from the detritus:

1960's wicker handbag with beautiful I-don't-know-what-you-call-it-tortoiseshell-y accents on the handle and clasp. Inside reads "A Souvenir of Palm Springs" on a little tag. The funniest thing about this piece is how it opens up like a suitcase. You have to kind of set it down and unlatch it carefully so all your goods don't go falling out into the floor! See: the jumble that is the inside of my purse. This was from  my uncle Harold's wife, my aunt Donna's aunt's estate sale (see all the family names in that one sentence!). She had probably a dozen other purses but I chose this one for its size and shape. I'm disappointed at myself that I didn't get the "WATCH AND PRAY" Victorian biblical mirror art thing that was hanging in the same bedroom as this purse, but you can't win 'em all.

A fondue pot from the Gallatin Goodwill about two years ago. Had no idea I still had it, had never used it, broke it out for not one but TWO dinners at my house in the same week (to serve bubbling hot Queso Fundido from the Cook This! Not That! 350 Calorie Recipes cookbook that I'm obsessed with). Success!

Last but not least:

 A pair of Annie pins, still on the cardboard, from the first weekend the Charlotte Avenue Great Escape was open (originally from when the 1982 movie came out, I suppose). Which must have been before the flood...which means it was at least two years ago, possibly two and half. I'm crazy about Little Orphan Annie (as you could imagine) and how cute is it that there's an Annie AND Daddy Warbucks pin? I'm almost too in love with these to wear them, but you know I'm going to do it anyway.

What'd you get this weekend? Anything good? What kinds of untold treasure do you have in your attic/closets/storage? Do tell!

See you tomorrow for Photo Friday!


  1. i ALMOST bought that ribbon art but I knew I didn't have anywhere to put it. i'm so glad you got it because i LOVE it! the deer vase is pretty perfect too. I went to that flea for the first time recently, and there are a few good booths. I'm heading up to two sales in donelson today, one had a little knick knack shelf in the pictures full of what looked like deer and woodland creatures. i hope it's still there!

    1. oh and michael taylor's password this weekend it whistlin' dixie, so i'm hoping to score the shelf for 20% off!

  2. OK, so... I can kinda see the braid 'do. But where in the world does the end of the braid go? Just turn your head a little, darling.
    BTW, I saw the coolest thing whilst junking last weekend. A bronze statuette of the MGM lion. He was about 6 inches tall, standing on a plinth(?), roaring. The base said something about MGM being the world's greatest something or other. He appeared old, as he had a nice patina. The thing weighed about 5 pounds. I tried to Google Image him, but only came up with pics of that hideous statue in Vegas. As soon as I save up my milk money, he's mine.

  3. I love those ribbon dolls. I have one of Elizabeth Taylor and one Rita Hayworth.



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