Monday, May 28, 2012

Etsy Shoppin: Happy Memorial Day Edition!

                                             Antique Carved Patriotic Soldiers Wood Wall Plaques (set of 2)

We! Love! Holidays! And we! Love! THE U.S.A.! Memorial Day always seems like a practice holiday for Fourth of July, but that does not make me love it any less. Finally, it's time to spring the white strappy sandals out of the closet, make plans to go to the now-open area water parks, and attend cookouts til you're sunbaked yourself! I have to go do my patriotic duty and enjoy this holiday by eating way too many hot dogs and indulging in some kind of outdoor lounging, but I wanted to show you some of the AWESOME stuff you can see on Etsy relating to the red, the white, and the blue....of kitschy-stuff-I-want-to-own.

                                                            1970s patriotic embroidered bald eagle tie

  Unique Circa 1940s Vintage old WWII ARMY soldier Vintage Brooch Starlux Vintage Toy Soldier FigurineVintage 1940 WWII Jointed Celluloid Plastic Sailor Brooch

Bicentennial Square Dance Dress Vintage 70s red white blue gingham dotted maxi dress  Red White Blue Patriotic Cotton Sun Dress

1960's ENAMEL BROOCH and EARRINGS Flower Set / Red, White and Blue Patriotic / Vintage

The MARINES HYMN / World War II / Red White Blue Patriotic Cover Art 1940s

WWII War Album of Victory Battles

                       Franklin D. Roosevelt -- Campaign Poster -- 1933-1945

Look what Matthew got me as a special Memorial Day present (because I am spoiled rotten):

Could this be any cooler? More pics here. I'm not sure how big the linen will be when it comes in, but I think I want to frame it and have it somewhere in the living room. I know I need another framed picture like I need...oh, something I really don't need because I have too much of....but this was just adorable. I really can't get over the cursive banner "To-night I leaned across 10,000 miles and kissed you!".

Have a wonderful holiday, don't eat too many undercooked hamburgers, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Oh, and one more thing:

Kelly B is the winner of the first official She Was a Bird giveaway! Got a $25 gift card for ya, will have to email you for your postal address. Yay!


  1. I LOVE red white and blue holidays too! fourth of july is my favorite! i might need to dust off my handmade blue pinafor with white rick rack and throw a party this year. and i LOVE your present! completely amazing.

    1. WHEN (not if!) you bust out the blue pinafore with white rick rack for the fourth, let a girl know! I make a mean congealed salad.

  2. I love those dangly brooches and isn't the kissing hanky so sweet? :)))

    1. Aren't they cute? I wish they weren't so expensive, I would have one in every branch of the services! I'm so excited to get my kissing hanky, I saw it and was just bowled over by a wave of sentimentality.

  3. Wow! Those dresses!!! And the handkerchief is absolutely amazing. I didn't know that we were supposed to get gifts. I need to go talk to the man. Congratulations Kelly B.!

    1. I don't think you're *supposed* to get presents, but again, I am totally spoiled. Matthew's like "Hey, it's a holiday! Have something you like!" which usually manifests itself in yellow cake and etsy shopping (NEVER. A BAD. THING.) :) But you gotta get onboard with the "it's a holiday! i'm a girl! get me a present!" thing.

      Do I need the Bicentennial dress (with the striped skirt) or do I NEED the Bicentennial dress, is the question? It reminds me of the movie "Nashville"!



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