Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Return of the Magnificent Magnavox! (Guest Post at Owl Really)

Good morning!


Guess what, guess what? I did my very first guest post today! Jamie, a fellow vintage-o-phile and Tennessean over at Owl Really, asked me to write about/share photos of my favorite secondhand find. How could I *not* choose the Magnificent Magnavox? I can't walk through the living room without giving it a wink.

In looking for a specific date for the guy, I found these Magnavox ads dating from late 1957-1958. He's the same age as Caroline Kennedy!


The ad below came from the magazine above. See! I told you they were the same age!


I've noticed that none of the advertisements I found had the EXACT same one, but I'm thinking "select from a variety of styles and fine woods" meant you could get them built to suit, to an extent. And the mahogany finish and little hairpin legs on my model suit me FINE! According to the Inflation Calculator: "What cost $389.50 in 1958 would cost $2903.21 in 2010. " GOOD. NIGHT!


The black laquer version, with a interesting black-and-gold marbled top. I thought this one had been painted, but apparently it's original! Also, I want this apartment. If I "have to" marry Don Draper to do it, that's ok, too.

Come see pictures and words by your proud little vintage community participant out at Owl Really by clicking the photo or link below. And don't forget to look around while you're at it. You wouldn't believe the neat things Jamie picks up here, there, and everywhere!


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  1. how cool! ill be sure to take a look see at your guest post. I really liked the pictures on the post. the ladies are so beutiful and classy



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