Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Friday: Ominous Edition

Hi there!

I have a rare day off today so I'll probably be spending most of it running across the county tracking down the bibelots and baubles that make up the bread and butter of this blog (how'dya like THAT for alliteration? I am goooood...).

However! I thought, in the interest of continuing my photo Friday postings, I would share with you a couple from the "other" pile. These pictures aren't connected to any of others of a set, but bought solely for the entertainment factor of "What is going on in this picture?" In this case, I think any of these would be a great jumping off point for a David Lynch picture. Ominous? Ohhh, we got your ominous right here!


Above, a dead ringer for Zelda Fitzgerald (I'm always looking for little Zelda clones, but this one looks just like her, I swear!) watches with pensive hand poised on hip as her also-all-in-ivory clad companion walks towards the homemade trailer in the background. So little of pre-WWII photos I've seen are not "specifically posed" that I was interested to see a rare, candid shot of everyday life. Do you think the light colored clothing and foliage mean summer, possible in the South? Has something already gone wrong or is something about to? Or do you just think this was momentary break-camp moment before the travelers moved on to their next vacation destination? I can't tell! And is the suspense killing me! I love the look of "Well, what do we do now?" on the woman's face.


Ok, the conflict is pretty obvious in this one. As the man stands, Gary Cooper-like, in the flooded front porch of his flooded house just before of his flooded front yard, the water is all the way up to his knees! Can you imagine the "Ok, now take a picture of me in all this mess" conversation that must have preceded the shutter clicking? Who's taking the picture? Where did the water end up knee deep? On the back, the words "At home" have been written with a line under the second word. Do you love it? You know you love it.

Last but not least (these estate sales aren't going to go to themselves, y'all! I told you I only had a minute):


"At Lookout Mountain", the caption on the back reads. Mister! Mister, be careful so close to that edge! The tiny shadow under his shoe, the perfect hang of his pant leg, and above all that big, white, nothingness over the side of wall... doesn't it look just exactly like an art print? I love finding photos like this that look like scenes from movies, only ones no one outside the man's family ever saw. Was he a handsome guy when he turned back around? What was the view over the side of Lookout Mountain like in the mid 1940's? Why can't pictures taken on my phone look this epic?

Like I said, I have places to be a baubles to buy. Do you have any clues or conjectures as to what's going on in the ominous triad I've presented to you? What's going on just off camera or behind the lens?

Have a great weekend! We'll see you on the other side!


  1. thanks Lisa! I really enjoy your Photo Fridays because, quite frankly, i am addicted to old photos. Loved this post!

  2. Oh boy. GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!!! Ok, since you opened this up for our insight, here goes. The first one looks as if "Zelda" is overseeing the distribution of bootleg whiskey for the speakeasies in the area. The second one the man is waiting for his Golden Retriever to return the stick they are playing fetch with. The third is snapped with his little boy out of the frame just before he runs in to grab his pant leg and screams "daddy, let me see" . Great photos!
    I hope you had bountiful bauble buying! If not, at least you enjoyed your day off doing something you love!



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