Monday, November 17, 2014

Where You Been So Long? (Back in Action)


Wondered if I'd wandered off forever from this corner of the blogosphere? Not to fret, I've been meaning to make my way back to you guys for awhile now! And what's more, I've been out in the vintage wilderness dragging home kitschy quarries for AT LEAST half of the time since we spoke last. The rest of my weeks have been devoted to this book slinging business, which is keeping me briskly occupied but sorely in need of catching up on this much neglected blog... But enough with the excuses, how are you? What've you been up to?

I thought I would catch you up to this life of Riley via the above Brady Bunch style collage. Behold, highlights of the last month in offline Birdland (grâce á Instagram, and clockwise from left).

In October and November. Iiiii.....

  • ....discovered the wonder of Turner Classic Movies on demand (and On Demand app!!); binge watched as much Robert Mitchum as possible (helloooooo, handsome...this is a screen shot from The Lusty Men, 1952).
  • ...ate a lot of black bean burgers and drank a lot of mimosas for Sunday brunch at Mad Donna's with my bub (I've been going to zumba pretty often though, so it almost evens out).
  • ...found this INSANE waiter pin at the flea market; talked seller down from $16 to $10, ran home and immediately paired it with this cocktail pin already in my collection. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. I can't get over his jaunty legs.
  • ...made milk jug skeletons for Halloween with my sister and her husband and Matthew over at my mom's house (full disclosure, he is still sitting on the leopard print couch in my den, seasonality be hanged).
  • ...lucked upon this 80's does 50's illusion top at an estate sale (one US dollar). Feel exactly like Rita Hayworth in it.
  • ...busted out this Persian lamb turban for dinner with Matthew, Emma and Tyler out in Edgefield (as usual, they were similarly "did up", adorable, and we had a blast :) ).  Spoiler alert, bought so many blamed hats an estate sale weekend before last they deserve their own post. And soon!
  • ...acted like I was taking a selfie at the Southern Festival of Books' "Authors in the Round" dinner, but only so I could surreptitiously get a photo of one of my favorite authors and me in the same frame (you sure' is a pretty man, Conrack...I read the most dog eared copy of The Water is Wide circa 2000 in a day, all in one greedy gulp).
  • ...realized Matthew was wearing his CATS t-shirt while hugging a very similar looking cat (bonjour, Merci!) at Ciciley and Bobby's house...took photo accordingly. Have improved tremendously at Mario Kart but still come in fourth after our gracious hosts and my husband. I can't be good at everything (yet!!!).
  • ...and last but not least, was the first to show up in costume at work, as George Washington... only to find no one in my cubicle group had dressed up....AT ALL. Later, holiday bedecked cohorts from different departments straggled in, but I had a real life Bridget Jones panic moment for the first thirty minutes I was a) in knee breeches and b) at my desk. Definitely one to file under "at least it makes a good story"!

Would you like to see some of my latest catches? I hope the answer is yes as I sure have some to share with you! I have to scoot for now but let's meet up back here later this week so I can show you those crazy hats (and the crazy cool house they came out of!). Deal? Deal.

Meanwhile, let me hear from you! Are you still out there? Have I missed any wild and out goings on in the vintage blog world? Are you ready to build an igloo yet with this suddenly brutal winter weather? What's the neatest thing you've scored since last we dished? Any tips for fabulous new hunting grounds in the metro Nashville area or beyond? I'm all ears.

Hope you've been having a wonderful Novermber thus far and that the vintage lines are biting. Talk to you soon!



  1. There you are! I'm glad all is well and I am looking forward to seeing the hats!

  2. Robert Mitchum--I almost feel wrong about the love I feel for him. I feel like we already talked about this-but his biography "Baby, I Don't Care" by Lee Server is really good Now I almost wonder if you recommended it to me ;) To me, he is the hands down sexiest man I have ever seen on screen. The way he looks at a woman? I could never understand why Loretta Young chose William Holden instead of him in Rachel And The Stranger. I think every red blooded American woman thought "WTH?".

    Have you read the new book Missing Reels, by the blogger Self Styled Siren? I finished it last week, and I think you would love this book!



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