Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finally! Flea Market and Goodwill Finds

Good morning!

 How's tricks, kids? It's Thursday/Friday for me, as I am offfff this weekeeeennnd...! Roll out the barrels, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm doing something! :D As promised both Tuesday and Wednesday, here is your day-late, dollar-short report from the flea market this past Saturday! My favorite thing I rounded up (other than the purse we spoke about on Tuesday), is this pair of clip earrings. Aren't they GORGEOUS?

The last couple of months I have been really lucky at picking up these baubles for almost nothing in the sheds...this pair, winking at me from among the other trinkets, was $3 (that's a buck fifty a clip on, people...can't beat it with a stick). Compare that to the ebay or online prices of similar sixties' earrings and you could see where I would be giddy with excitement over serving Joan-Crawford-on-a-Pepsi-Cola-promotional-tour realness in my choice of jewelry for less than the price of a takeout sandwich. They pinch like the devil, and I don't like the spacers you can buy as a kind of Scholl's pad for your earlobes, so I'm grinning through it today! The black jet beads were also from the flea market; I forgot to take a better picture of them, but they are chic as chic can be and similarly inexpensive.

These two pins were brought back together this week....remember when I bought the devil pin in March? I looked and looked and LOOKED, combing through the other various pieces on a table, and came up goose eggs for the angel I had a hunch was part of a two-brooch set as I'd seen them on other lucky so-and-so's blogs and Ebay/Etsy before. Then I looked again last month, nada. This month, as I was getting the earrings, what to my wondering eyes should appear but the missing brooch! Can I almost not wait to wear one on one shoulder and one on the other? I cannot.

Inside the Exhibition Building, my dad and I stopped at a vendor booth just inside the west-facing door and were stopped cold by a suite of Barbara Mandrell autographed items perched on a fruit crate. What are the odds?! Barbara Mandrell superfan runs smack into a whole slew of Mandrell-o-bilia, including an autographed copy of the audiobook Get to the Heart, a signed photo, SANS name, of the country queen (maybe I'm weird but I don't want to shell out for a photo inscribed "To Jerry with love"), and a pair of turquoise two-tone boots with "BM" emblazoned on either side. Sadly, they were sold together for $200, and that was way more than either of us was willing to shell out, but in the same booth, I found the following:

One: Acid pink floral-and-green-velvet-ribboned hat? This isn't a very good shot of it, but with my melon-like cabesa I'm always on the lookout for hats that will sit boater-style on my head, and this one fits the bill!

Two: This crazy thing:

This is a mother-of-pearl oyster shell that opens into a change purse. Kooky enough, right? I think the paint on the outside must have a floral embellishment of some kind like the ones you see here. What really got me interested in it was the date written inside: "Nov 30, 1894". Oh reeeeeally? she says. Imagine some little turn of the century Gibson girl snatching this up as a souvenir of her beachside vacation. I should start carrying this around in my larger purse-- can you imagine the effect of "Oh, wait, I think I have the change--" at Goodwill when I whip out a clamshell and produce the required coinage. TRUE LIFE SUCCESS.

And third: This strange little picture, which is 3D, GUYS. IT'S 3D. I usually find roses or religious art in this format, but a children's picture featuring dolls as storybook characters? Yeah, let's just go ahead and do that, thanks, yes, take my money. I love the detail of the tableau and also the fact that the owner scrawled her name across the back of the picture in a child's looping scrawl, "MARY".

Both my clothes people in the Antique shed were MIA this month (Bobby COME BAAAAACK), but I did grab this surprisingly heavy real estate sign for a couple bucks. There were three others that said "INDUSTRIAL", "COMMERCIAL", and something else, but I liked this one best for the bold, plain typography. What I'm going to do with me. But sometimes liking something is enough! My dad found three WWI brass ammunition casings at a booth I'd bought some oversized earrings from sometime earlier in the year. Not bad, huh? We were settin' 'em up and knockin' 'em down (deals, that is, not the brass casings). I still wish I'd found some clothes, though.

At Goodwill on Monday, I found two skirts, two dresses, and a couple weirdies, like this record:

I think it's a training record for med students to learn what a heart murmur sounds like through a stethoscope? I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my recent binge-watching of Grey's Anatomy does not actually count as medical training.

I ran across these books, interested in both the museum overview and Panorama color slide aspect of the titles, and there was a secret bonus!

One, they came through on their promise of color I just need a Panorama projector to truly benefit from this boon.

But that's not the best part....THE BEST PART is the three record set of my pal Vincent Price taking me on a personalized tour of the art exhibitions. Veeeeep! I missed ya, buddy! Remember the Vincentennial party I threw oh my God three years ago? We need to have a 104th birthday party for this guy next year.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print. What did you grab at the sales or the flea market this weekend? Had any unusual record finds lately? What should I be looking forward to seeing this weekend estate-sale wise, anybody got the inside scoop? Let's talk!

Have a great Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow for Photo Friday-- til then!


  1. OH, how I'd love to have that auscultation of heart sounds LP! My argument: I am a medical professional (this could be dangerous in the wrong hands), also, I have a record player.
    We could trade! How about an Art Deco dress clip? An occarina? A pair of Nefertiti head earrings from the 20's? NAME IT.

    1. ((as I think over how to send a record via snail mail without damage)) Email me your address again, we can make this trade happen! :D

  2. Score! How awesome to have Vincent Price guide you through the great museums of the world. Hope you find that Panorama projector.

    I hate when clip-ons pinch. I've gotten lucky the last few pairs I've bought in that they're actually comfortable--I never would have believed it.

    1. I know, right? I need a Panorama projector! I end up with clip ons that either just fall the frank off my ears (too loose) or which leave eraser-tip size bruises after I've chanted "No pain no gain" to myself through several hours of wearing. #therehastobeabetterway

  3. Here's more about Panorama:

    1. Oh, wow!! Look how many different subjects they have them in. This could be the beginning of a beautiful shopping obsession. :) Thanks for sharing!!



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