Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday: Dressed Up Like (Little) Ladies (1960's)

Good morning!

HOW ARE YA. The weekend looms ahead of us, kids! I am ready ready Freddy to rock and roll this coming Saturday and Sunday. Plans? None. But it beats the heck out of work! :)

Today for Photo Friday, I'm going to have to check in and take off, as I still have a half a day here at the old book factory to track down some of these errant titles that patrons have placed holds on (where can they be?). But I wouldn't leave you hanging! This flickr stream features slide after slide of these adorable little girls in the late fifties' and early sixties' (up to about 1965). I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE OUTFITS IN ADULT FORM. Gosh! I'm reminded of my mom's cousins, a family of three little girls who presented just as adorably as these four in the early sixties'-- hair done just so, bobby sox and saddle shoes, poofy little Easter dresses...done UP! My mom, the youngest of a brood including three boys and she the only girl, says she was always jealous of her cousins having sisters to borrow barrettes and sweaters and hair tips from. I'm just jealous of these little ladies and their fashion, PERIOD. Their mom must have been a swell of a dresser to keep her daughters so styling at all times.

Gotta hit the trail! Have a great Friday, and I'll see you right back here on Monday for more of the same! Take care. Til then!


  1. That last photo, the striped dress is just too too!

  2. i'm so glad these are in color! and oh man i can't even pick a favorite! those little girls are just too dang cute! i would love to see a photo of them with their mother, because you know she was beautiful and perfectly dressed too!

  3. I think I have officially died and gone to heaven. These pictures are so, so adorable, and the one with the Tiki? I need to look at the photo stream, because it looks like the second daughter outgrows her older sister, which happened to me in about 1970. My older sister wasn't pleased :)

    What you have to remember, we were dressed to the nines when we went out. My parents were very young when they get married in 1958, and they had very little money. Yet every picture shows us girls looking wonderful. We had a large extended family, and I have home movies of opening my birthday presents when I was very young, and the majority of them were gorgeous dresses. Comfort wasn't really important, the way you looked was!



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