Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Friday: Canoodling Teenagers Edition (1960's)

Good morning!

Well, here we are again, kids. FRI-DAY. Got any sizzling plans for the weekend? I am staying indoors as much as possible! There's a cold front/ ice storm warning running for Davidson County, and I know when to quit (and by quit I mean try out new soup recipes, play Metroid, and watch Joan Crawford live the life I would choose for myself). Though I may have to brave my way across the frozen tundra on Sunday for my afternoon shift at the library, ain't nothin' doin' before that. As a born and raised Nashvillian, I both have no idea how to drive in the mildest of icy conditions and fear said conditions with the vehemence and strength of a long-held cultural superstition.  But enough about me.

Today's Photo Friday comes to you via this flickr user's account. Bird readers, meet Margaret and Dave, English teenagers in year of our Lord 1964. Aren't they cute?!

What drew me to these photos in the first place were two things-- one, the incredible youth of both of these skinny kids-- it practically hovers over their heads like a halo; two, their extremely grown up clothes. I know the whole concept of the store Forever 21 is to dress 13 year olds like 21 year olds and to dress 41 year olds like 21 year olds, but just think of a time when your average teenager went out on a Saturday night in pointed dress flats and crinoline circle skirt (girl) or sharp collared button up shirt and blazer (boy). Don't they both look sharp as tacks? I wish I looked half so soigneƩ NOW at my own advanced age as these spiffed up teens looked then, probably just going to the movies or a social.

Margaret's clothes in particular, I covet. Look at this silk flower-print wiggle dress and those chic, pencil-heeled white pumps she wearing with it! As we always do in these old sepia, black and white tone photos, I do wonder what color the dress was. Do you see the detail of the swimming pool and the palm trees planted along its perimeter?

This I would wear exactly as she is wearing it. White cardigan over a white dress with black dots the size of quarters, single seed pearl necklace, ladylike watch and charm bracelet. So fresh faced! I want to know how to style one's short hair like this-- doesn't she make it look cute instead of matronly?

Here's Margaret again cutting loose at the forementioned social. I like her monochromatic twinset and skirt, standing out easily from the gingham check and floral print of her contemporaries on the dance floor. Why are she and her friend dancing alone? Where's Dave to act as a dancing partner?

There he is, playing the romantic swain, carrying his girlfriend. I love how red-headed people will show up in old photographs-- he's so ghostly! We will see a variety of photos, in the rest of this post, of Margaret and Dave canoodling or posing in various couple shots. There's something about them, I don't know if it's their style or expression or the fact that I already know the photos were taken in England in the mid nineteen sixties', that looks so English. Reminds me of The Knack and How to Get It, just these black and white snaps of British youth-on-the-go. I spent a serious chunk of my preteen days poring over Beatle biographies (John Lennon in particular), so I feel like this time, and just a little bit before it, is so indelibly ingrained into my imagination that I might as well have been dating a wannabe Teddy Boy and going to see tapings of Hullabaloo in my high school years.

Besides the fact that this is an adorable photo, someone give me that swimsuit! And that tartan blanket!

Here they are in winter wear-- I love that Margaret is wearing little white ankle boots and capris to show them off-- isn't she cold? But doesn't she look cool?

Aaaah, here they are at somebody's house! Look at the forties' deco arm of the chair they're sitting on, and Margaret's continued fashion allegiance to cardigans, this one knitted. I don't know what kind of pull-over Dave is wearing, but wonder if it has to do with his military service (it looks uniform-esque, doesn't it?).

Surprise! The two of them in color at the same house. Would you have thought the chairs were that color? Dave's hair? That pink, pink dress? Again, it's astonishing all the details we'd miss in black and white.

Last but not least, these crazy canoodling teenagers got married shortly after these photos were taken. HOW CUTE ARE THEY IN THEIR WEDDING CLOTHES:

Wonder if it lasted? You don't have to! The account to which the photos were posted is maintained by, you guessed it "Dave", whose profile photo includes his lovely wife of almost fifty years, Margaret. You can read/see more about them at their flickr page. Ain't love grand! It's so sweet to think of these people staying together all these years and having these photos where they were just young pups to remember the time by!

How about you? Have any photos of yourself, your parents, your grandparents snuggled up and unbelievably young in your photo albums? What fashions do you covet from old family photos? Have any tips on how to style a cardigan sweater? Let's talk!

That's all for today, but I'll see you right back here next week for more vintage tips and quips. Have a great (and hopefully non-icy) weekend, and I'll see you on the other side! Til then.


  1. I don't know if you do or don't typically, but you must must MUST send Dave and Margaret a link to your blog entry with them highlighted. You write the sweetest, most charming asides about your photo Friday peeps, I just think they would be delighted beyond measure to read your commentary. They would surely get a kick out of it as much as (are you kidding? MORE!) than we do! (Have a great weekend!)

    1. I should! I'm always secretly afraid (and this comes from being chewed out so much about collecting other people's relatives photos in real life..."Whudja want that for? Those are my relatives!!" on God knows how many occasions) that they would mind...but the handful of times I had any contact with a person that was in the photos, they were very flattered! I'll get up the gumption and do that sometime, maybe some of them WOULD get a kick out of being featured on my little corner of the internet. Thanks for the encouragement, Tamra!

  2. She had an amazing wardrobe! I'd like to have everyone of those dresses.

    1. ME. TOO. Sweaters everywhere! All adorable!!



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