Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hi everybody!  It's me!  Bab!  Lisa is off work today and I've been once again given the privilege of making a guest appearance on My Pretty Baby Cried She Was a Bird, or "The Bird" for short.  Now it is my pleasure to offer another glimpse into Lisa's and my bizarre world through her delightful works of art.

In recent conversations, I have asked Lisa about cultural trends among bats.  She told me quite matter of factly that my guesses (they love to eat cave grubs, they like vampire movies) would actually be considered quite racist in their community.  Since then I have continued to ask that she enlighten me about the way real bats live in the real world.  Hence, I present our first piece: Bat Chat.

What show do bats like to watch?  Bat chat, of course!  They can't wait!  If you miss it, you are not going to have anything to talk about with your friends.  There's a lot to love about this picture.  For starters, look at the decoration of the room.  Clearly this bat shares similar tastes in interior design with my betrothed.  What an inviting living room!  Also, I like the sense of action that can seen here.  The bat is mid flight.  Did he just get home and miss the first couple minutes?  Or is he just so freakin' excited to see tonight's episode that he is flapping around like a goon?  If you want the answer, look into your heart.

Now let us proceed to lizard country.  This next picture holds a special place in my heart.  While the details of the conversation seem somewhat fuzzy now, the gist of it is that I was musing to Lisa about a Lizardmobile, and a very prim proper Lizard chauffeur who would take me around town in it.  I'm sure it was not even 10 minutes before she responded with this masterpiece:

Go on, drink it in.  It is level of driving luxury that few of us will ever experience.  Look at those riding
lizards.  I just had them rotated.  

I would first like to comment on how this image demonstrated much of Lisa's technique and  signature style.  The bright colors juxtaposed with real life images, the use of outlines to create clothing (as seen on our chauffeur here and on the last installment's "bat office") the attention paid to the environment of the image, as seen by the tree and the mansion in the distance.  Oh, and that mansion?  Why yes.  It is the mansion from Maniac Mansion.  Because it is my mansion.  I am Bab.

Finally I bring you Lisa's favorite...

...Lizard Mart.

Obviously this is where lizards go for their grocery needs.  It contains the three main things that lizards eat: Hungry Man dinners, DiGiorno pizzas and flies.  I love the tone this picture establishes.  You really get the feeling that these lizards are just doing their everyday thing.  See how the one on the left is probably a college student?  And the one on the right is a new mom!  Look at the one in the egg!  LOOK AT THE ONE IN THE EGG HE'S MY FAVORITE!!!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  Maybe one day I will return with more insight into our crazy world!  Thanks for having me back!  This is Bab, signing off!


  1. i'm so glad to know that bats are not all into vampire movies! i would hate to make a racist statement at the next bat dinner party i attend. lisa is truly a master of ms paint.

    1. Re: bats: Gotta mind your P's and Q's with the bat community. They are sweet but also sensitive to their bad rep in pop culture. Re: my skills: Haha, thanks! I love that this ancient, super-basic pain program is my main medium of artistic expression. It's fun to see how much you can do with so little!

  2. This explains everything. My brother and I were always trying to catch lizards with pieces of grass or dead ladybugs. We should have been breaking out the Hungry Man dinners.

    1. Hindsight is 20/20. Maybe next summer!



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