Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Years!

And a belated Christmas greeting of some kind!! Just some quick thoughts before the library closes on me as to New Years' Eve dress inspiration:

Above: glum as Bette Davis looks at right, I do want to look EXACTLY LIKE THIS wherever I am at midnight. Just with Jayne Mansfield's level of, um, enthusiasm. The Navajo-esque necklace! Gold dress! And the enormous, why-not-it's-New-Years' fur coat! Ugh, I have GOT to bust out one of the stoles to ring in 2012. But what do you wear them with to avoid looking like a mid nineteenth century fur trapper and/or Cruella de Ville?

The TOTAL PACKAGE that is Ava Gardner. The turn-it-up-to-11 ensemble. What a dress/bag/tiara/wrap! She looks like a million dollars cash, but then again, how often does she not.

Do we instead opt for understated with great heels and hair, a la Joan at the right? Note what I can only hope is her own Billy Haines-decorated home, with that pink silk couch and that "what is going on" lamp. In love. Add a cocktail glass and we're in business. Speaking of:

Actual dress owned by Joan Crawford? In all gold? Someone have $6900 they can front me? Via The Frock (as spotted by Lulu's Vintage). I would look all built for speed in this number. And happy! So happy.

Last idea: maybe an elaborate up-do with an equally eye-catching corsage of some kind? I don't know why I'm so almost-leaning-towards-high-necklines this year. I think it's the fear of cold, couple with my 40's mania. Which reminds me: I am always trying to bring corsages back and I am always getting shot down. You show 'em, Olivia de Havilland. I love the slightly too arched arch of her brown, and the gorgeous ruffle her hair is pomaded into.

Big plans for New Years? Small ones? Dress ideas/inspirations! Do tell! Hope it's a keeper.

See you on the other side!


  1. I'll help you bring corsages back - love them! We're staying in. 2011 has given me the supreme beat-down.

  2. happy new year, mama! see you next year. and Erol Flynn. and Hitchcock.
    <3 cic

  3. I love the 40's as well, but I also love the form fitting dresses of the 50's as seen above on Jayne Mansfield. I love demure beauty (dressing like a lady should). I love how Ava Gardner's whole outfit transcends time. It looks like she could be wearing this in 2011.

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