Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clothes Off My Back (6)

I realize it's been a long time since I've done a clothing post! I assure you, I've been wearing clothes-- but the time to photograph them has eluded me lately. Nonetheless, here are a few from this and last month that I managed to squeeze in between work and karaoke and estate sales (is there anything else...?).

This dress is from an estate sale a couple months ago ($1), a neat, graph-papery kind of pattern... I love the button detail on the wearer's left hand side, but the waist was far too generous for me. Solution? Popped off one of the lower buttons, replaced with belt. I sewed the button into the hem of the dress, in case I ever need to replace one of the others, but I think the general effect worked. The tuxedo jacket is from Target (clearance, $6.24), sunglasses from some long forgotten thrift store trip, the tiny fish pin you probably can't see was my mom's, and the boots are my ever reliable Rocket Dogs. Wore this to a much deserved morning-after-Corner-Bar breakfast at Waffle House. Carb war or no, for a treat, those hashbrowns and that raisin toast was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Put a bunch of Motown on the jukebox and just enjoyed swilling coffee and pigging out with my Bab. Truly awesome.

One of my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e dresses, this one came from Southern Thrift, which rarely has vintage clothes at the Donelson location, but almost ALWAYS has easily-taken-for-vintage-new-dresses from labels like Talbot's or so ($12.98...big spender!). As I often have to do with any dress meant to be above-the-knee-skimming on an average sized gal, I've added a froufy sort of skirt under the dress to extend the hemline from "majorette short" to a more acceptable "mildly go-go". Tuxedo jacket makes a reappearance (it's become the staple jacket to end all staple jackets). Bab found this goes-with-everything Banana Republic wool zip up at the same Southern Thrift (new with tags, $19.98... possibly the only time my man has spent more than me at a second hand store). No one recognized me with my hair down at Corner Bar later that night. I'm so neurotic about keeping it in place that to have a curtain of it just hanging down drives me nuuuuuts. It does look pretty in the picture above, though. :)

Chinchilla collar! I was home alone before running out to meet Bab at the Belcourt to see Brief Encounter, so excuse the not-exactly-Avendon quality of the photos. Plus, my hair was being a buzz killer altogether... can you see the 80% flyaways? That would explain the wool cap (garage sale, $3... they had an entire boxful, and I kind of wish I'd bought two). The bee pin is from an estate sale ($2). The jacket I've had since high school... I think most of the wear on it has been my own. Must have been less than five dollars. It always reminds me of a rattier version of the one Marilyn Monroe wore when she married Joe DiMaggio, which became an unlikely plot device in the movie Wonder Boys (I so love that movie).

Sunday-work outfit. Red blazer, Music City Thrift, $3. Black skinny pants, somewhat visible in the first photo, a candid in which I'm approaching Bab, no doubt with the words "Let me see the camera". Very paparazzi of me. A sunnier photo to the right, in which you can see the "Charlie the Tuna" esque pin I found at an estate sale in Goodletsville ($1). Same sunglasses from earlier.

Remember my complaining so about the inclement weather two or three weeks ago? It's so gorgeous out right now I almost forgot the winter hell that was a few weeks ago. Would that it stays! Here's some snow-footage, from my long walk to the bus stop. It doesn't look too bad, and then you think about how it's all ice. And we're in Tennessee. Not well-prepared for snow driving, oh, EVER.

Will try to be more vigilant with the clothing posts, if only to keep myself accountable for my daily threads. Have a few killer karaoke gowns I need to share, but we'll have to wait until my much put-upon fiance/shutterbug and I have enough to time to catch our breath...and then take a picture of it.


  1. I love the red jacket! Such a steal at $3!

  2. Oh, Waffle House! Paul and I used to go there all the time when we were at the University of Oklahoma. We were very sad to find out there weren't any where we live now. :-(

    I like the red blazer, too! Is there anything better than a perfect-fitting jacket?

  3. It all looks marveeeee!! I adore the little bumbley-bee pin! Too cute...and you can't beat $2!!

  4. Oh snowy landscape....when will we meet again? ha

  5. I love the first dress! It would be amazing to see ice...on the ground, I have no idea what thats like!

  6. Love the clothing post! And your brooches are amazing. That totally looks like Charlie the Tuna, I am laughing hysterically at my desk now!

  7. I love all of this! The pins, the chinchilla collar, and the red blazer are my favourites! Great idea to take off the button and sew it into the hemline on the first dress too :D
    M xo

  8. i totally thought about Marilyn's wedding day coat, too!! aww!!!
    <3 mode.



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