Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekend Finds (1)

Slim pickin's, as said before, with regard to thrift stores in this after-Christmas, but I still managed to rustle up a few finds at not one but TWO Goodwills last weekend. As soon as I walked in the door at the Hendersonville GW, these little mugs said, "Please, please take us home. Four of us match! And the fifth of us is blue! No reason! We all have different patterns! You need us!" Forty nine cents each, with my student discount, that's even less than forty nine cents each. BAM.

Above, just in time for my New Year's party, I found an intact fleur-de-lis patterned chip and dip, which touched my little francophone heart. I love the gilt and brown and silver and white color palette. I love the fact that it was only $5.99. I love that, when I took it to the register to check out, the employee went into raptures about how she'd only seen two of them in her ten year career at that store. It gave me a brief moment of in-line celebrity, as the people behind me put away their "Is she really using a gift card AND a student ID? AND she bought all breakables so they're going to have to wrap them for entirely too long?" looks and uptraded them for a brief flicker of admiration at the practicality and stylish whimsy of my purchase. Or so I would like to think. I was very happy lugging this guy out to the car.

Wooden bowls! Something I needed! Shaped like a pineapple and a bean! YES, sir.

I'm not sure how this works because I haven't listened to it yet, but this appears to be a Magic Party record. However, if Edgar Bergen could achieve blockbuster success with a radio show about his ventriloquism, maybe "Sanford the Great" will make good on his claim that his record contains "a tickling treat of tricks". Cover alone, I wanted this, but the record inside is in great shape. Listening party, coming up.

Last but not least, Babu spotted with his eagle-eye the above large tumbler sized glass, which, as you can see, is labeled "Texas Jigger". Because in Texas, the shots, like everything else, come BIG. The fact that it was novelty barware with a kind of cute premise was enough to make me buy it, but when I saw the labeling to one side of the glass, I was caught hook line and sinker. Yankees need not apply. Tenderfoots, ditto. Cowgirls, miiiiight be able to handle half a shot. ASTRONAUTS?! Then Texans. I busted a little tiny, very delicate gut at this item.
There's a Native American motif/psychedelic maxi-dress I picked up as well, but I'm saving it for an art show we're going to Thursday and the ensuing outfit post. Have you guys been having any luck in these picked over, post holiday shopping days? Lemme know what you found!!


  1. Those mugs are the exact same kind of thing that I'm after... For now i'm using Bavarian beer steins, but i'm British and need a smaller cup for my tea! You did well there!

  2. you find the best party serving dishes!!! JEALOUS

  3. I love the pineapple shapped box! Thanks for following me and don't hesitate to leave a comment in french if you want to practice!;)

  4. I wish that the Goodwills in the Twin Cities area had goodies like this! (Also wish I could get a student discount ;-)

    I love the fleur-de-lis chip & dip AND that great Texas Jigger! It's so funny that they included Astronauts. Good finds!

  5. @MRanthrope: And how!

    @ Benny: Bavarian beer steins definitely have their own swagger-- especially if one is drinking out of them all day (for orange juice, coffee, beer, etc). I love the image that conjures. Nice!

    @Mode: Tanks, tanks, miss. I have way more party equipment than I could ever actually need, but the collection keeps growing! It's out of control!

    @lexy Merci! C'est vraiment gentil de ta part. :)

    @Sarsaparilla (I never knew how to spell that! I do now!) Thank you! Aren't they great? I was happy as a clam to take them home with me!

  6. Fabulous finds! I love that Texas Jigger and the chip and dip set! I'm always that lady too - the one that has to have things wrapped. And I'll always get the clerk who wraps really slow and I can hear the people behind me audibly moaning and gasping.

    I have a theory about thrifting. I think that this end of January or the beginning of February might be a great time for it because all of these people are making resolutions to clean out their houses and get rid of stuff. We'll see if that's true though. :)

  7. I'm on the hunt for that Magic record... just when I think I've seen 'em all!

  8. Hi Lisa... thanks for your comment about David Cassidy!! And don't worry if you went through a Partridge Family phase in 1998! I'm still going through it!! Ha! Love him and love them! I have the PF lunch box... my original one with the thermos and also have a few autographed PF albums from when I met DC years ago! Last summer he was playing a free concert around here and i went. It was GREAT... and I was right at the foot of the stage snapping pics the whole time!! Fun stuff!! :-) Oh, BTW, I love the chip and dip bowl you have pictured!!

  9. That is a sweet collection of mugs. I'm always on the lookout for the quintessential beatnik coffee mug.



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