Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Girls:Jerry Hall

Now that I'm committed to growing my hair out (after years of being in various stages of bobs and bangs), I have to say that I'm more envious than ever of Miss Jerry Hall's blonde, mane like head of GORGEOUS hair. She really is the one, contemporary style icon I can think of with just ef-off, seriously long hair as an accessory. Do I get a perm to achieve this level of volume? How to ask for one without coming out looking like one of the various forms of the comic strip Nancy?

Jerry Hall dated Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music for a few years, appearing on the cover of Siren as well as this undated photo shoot I keep seeing pop up:

From what I understand, she was hired for the Siren cover shoot and Bryan Ferry made a move by inviting her back to his apartment to get out of all the blue and gold mermaid body paint she wore (into something a little more comfortable? They moved in together not long after, got engaged, and were one of those late 70's wonder couples.

In the same sense as Morrissey, Bryan Ferry doesn't have cover boy good looks, but he certainly makes up for it in style and musicianship. Mr. Ferry's panache, and streed cred as the day is long for his soaring vibrato and helmship of a critically important art rock band to end all art rock bands, should probably count for a lot. My favorite collaboration of theirs would obviously be Jerry Hall's cameo in the music video for "Let's Stick Together" (super clear video of it here ).... I just love Jerry's "Yi yi yi yi!" solo, there:

The Ferry/Hall relationship has always blown my little pop culture hugging mind in terms of pitting celebrity vs. celebrity vs. celebrity. You're a statuesque blonde SUPERmodel (when that meant something) with a Texas twang who's dating a critical darling of a rock star. He'll put you in his videos, album covers, etc... who do you leave him for? Oh, just Mick Jagger. Just THE BIGGEST ROCK STAR ON THE PLANET. Apparently, she and Mick met THROUGH Bryan Ferry, and she actually up and left him for Mick Jagger (who wrote "Miss You" about the touch and go makings of their relationship). Wow, people. Wow.

Other than the dubious prospect of having a married name of "Jerry Ferry", I can see where the jet set glamor of a bonafide, honest-to-God Rolling Stone might dazzle you right out of love with any other celebrity attachment. Though I do feel sorry for old Bryan Ferry. He wrote a song after her memoir Tall Tales came out called "Kiss and Tell"...I think in the end, he wasn't very happy she'd done either the kissing or the telling.

What I like so much about Jerry Hall is really her larger-than-life-ness. Six feet tall, perfect, stick thin body, long, perfect hair, and sculpted perfect cheekbones-- mixed with that outrageous Texan accent and an out-there personality (not Janice Dickinson out there, thank God, but very outgoing, flirty, cute). I like her best of all three of the Jagger consorts because it seems like she would be the most fun to have a drink or eight with.

Jerry and Mick Jagger had FOUR, count 'em, FOUR kids together (the next to youngest, Georgia Jagger, is a pretty high profile model herself these days. Doesn't hurt to have super genes, I guess) before splitting up in the late 90's after Mick Jagger got a Brazilian super model pregnant. It's what the man does, I would defend, but it's still a lousy end to a lovely twenty years.

Jerry has a new book out, but I can't figure what the US release date can see it here at and cross your fingers it shows up at a bookstore near you soon.

People article from the year Mick Jagger broke up with Bianca for Jerry below:


  1. she's my fave Jagger girl, i have to say...

  2. God, I wish I was her. She was so lucky. But it was wrong of what Mick did, seeing another woman while she was pregnant with their son Gabriel and him getting a woman pregnant with who was to be child #7, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger.



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